Franny Lou's Porch : Weekly Newsletter, 3/30
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This Week at Franny Lou's ...

Wednesday, 3/30  Happy Day Wednesday  All Day, Once a Week
This week we will be celebrating English Teachers! If that's you, come on in and receive $1 off a pot of tea or 25% off any latte. We love our teachers <3

Thursday, 3/31  Monthly Potluck and Movie Night  5:30-8:30 PM
We aspire to bring our community together, so we now host a monthly family-friendly Potluck and Movie Night. Don't forget to find the Facebook event to join us in enjoying a great film in remembrance of Cesar Chevez, a union leader and labor organizer who dedicated his life to improving treatment, pay and working conditions for farm workers. Do come and bring a dish to share


Our Weekly Specials


Black Bottom Cupcake
     a gluten-free offering from Amaranth Bakery

Peach Danish
    brand new from our friends at Au Fournil Bakery

Pineapple Peach Cream Cheese
    with Cayenne and Cinnamon (made in our store!)

Blueberry Lemon Tarts
    also from Au Fournil, sweet and bright...


The Empress Menen Asfaw Latte
    hazelnut - white mocha - cinnamon - ceyenne
    named after the "Mother of the Ethiopian Nation". Check out her   
    autobiography to learn more.

Dalit Cry for Justice Tea Latte
    lavender - earl grey - vanlla - cardamom
    named in honor of the lowest class "the untouchables" in India, who
    have experienced much suffering

Rooibos Tea
    Also known as African Red Bush. Molasses Decaf Tea, pairs well with    
    earl grey and makes a tasty iced tea. Fair Trade & Organic

Bottles of Cafe Con Leches
    coffee - milk - maple syrup - chilled 
    for your on-the-go mornings
Our April events calendar
will be arriving in
our next email to you!

Magnolias are a-bloom!

Look around for some of these beauties this week!

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