Spring 2015
Vol. 1, Issue 3

Your Energy, Your Choice

What am I getting when I sign up for renewable energy from a competitive energy supplier?

Some competitive energy suppliers offer renewable energy products. This may include electricity that is made from environmentally-friendly fuel resources, such as wind, water, waste heat or solar energy. These are also sometimes referred to as "green" energy offers.

Some competitive energy suppliers also offer renewable natural gas (often referred to as “biogas” or “biomethane”). What distinguishes renewable natural gas from fossil gas is the source of supply. Renewable natural gas comes from the chemical breakdown of organic waste, which emits methane gas that can be processed to meet natural gas pipeline quality specifications.

Many times we might have questions like these about renewable energy offers:
  • Do I need to install any equipment on my property?
  • Are the actual, physical renewable energy electrons going directly to my home or business?
  • Where is the renewable energy source – nearby, or outside my state?
  • What percentage of the electricity is coming from the renewable energy source?
No Need for Physical Installations
If you choose to purchase a renewable energy product, you do not need to install any equipment or make any other physical changes to your property.
Renewable Electricity Going Straight to My Home?
Because of the physical properties of electricity, the electricity you purchase is delivered onto the grid on your behalf – not necessarily to your home. The benefits to the environment are identical, since you are lowering the carbon footprint by supporting the production of renewable electricity – energy that would have otherwise been produced by a fossil fuel powered plant.
Definition of “Renewable Energy” Varies
Each state has its own guidelines and definitions for what constitutes renewable energy and where it comes from, which can be labeled and sold by a competitive supplier as a true “renewable energy” product. Be sure to check with your supplier, and consult the state’s public utility commission website for more details.

Green is Good – Just Know What You’re Getting
Renewable energy or green offers from competitive energy suppliers are options to consider when shopping for the plan that best meets your energy needs. It may cost more than power generated from traditional sources (oil, natural gas, and coal), but an ever-growing number of consumers are electing to pay a differential for environmentally friendly power.
Some competitive energy suppliers also offer special products that help you control your use of energy, increase equipment efficiency, and do your part to help the environment. For more information on other environmentally-friendly products, please check out the ACCES website.
Having the opportunity to shop for your energy helps you make the best decisions that meet your own energy needs – whether it is reducing costs, increasing comfort, or contributing to a cleaner environment.
Have a great (and green) spring!
-The ACCES team

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