Fall 2014
Vol. 1, Issue 1

Your Energy, Your Choice
Welcome to the first issue of our quarterly Consumer Education Update! We hope you find this information on current questions, issues, and concerns to be helpful as you seek the best ways to meet your energy needs and preferences. We will cover different topics on energy choice, helping consumers understand what energy choice is and how to make the best decision for you.

Knock, Knock...Ring, Ring...
ACCES recently released its newest educational videos on how homeowners, tenants, and business owners can have a productive conversation with a competitive energy supplier representative conducting door-to-door sales or with a telemarketer representative calling your home or business.

It may be a bit confusing or even overwhelming when an energy sales representative shows up at your door or calls your phone. You may find yourself asking the following questions: How do I know they represent a legitimate company? Are they offering me a good rate? How long does this rate last? What if I want to change my mind later?

By following a few basic steps, consumers can have a meaningful conversation that provides them with the information they need in order to take advantage of the full range of energy options available to them.

As shown in the videos, the sales agent should promptly identify themselves, the company they represent, and be clear about what they’re offering. They should make it clear that they are not representing the utility. The consumer should make sure to ask questions about how the supplier’s rates are charged and how any savings are calculated. Before making any decision, the consumer should thoroughly understand the terms they are being offered.

The sales representative should provide you with more information to review before you make any decision and should respect your request not to be solicited again.

Competitive energy suppliers may also offer you options for energy-related value-added services. They can enable you to take control of your energy sources, usage, and bills.   

For more information about door-to-door and telemarketing sales, please visit your public utility commission website and the ACCES website.

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New videos on how to handle door-to-door and telemarketing sales calls...


The American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers (ACCES) is a group of competitive retail natural gas and electricity suppliers committed to education and outreach to help consumers better understand and take advantage of the benefits of energy choice.

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