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I am starting to focus on Neurodegenerative (Nerve) Diseases related to the Mitochondrial and Mitochondrial DNA Dysfunction as highlighted in the attached chart.


In this edition, I am finally able to publish my Parkinson's Disease case study. This work has been a focus of mine for a long time now, as I travel the journey alongside a personal friend who was diagnosed with this debilitating illness. 

This is a technical article, and one that, I admit, includes a lot of detailed yet simple medical knowledge which I hope will truly open you up to a greater understand of the connection between a cause and an effect resulting is a disease within the body. The article on “
An Holistic Approach to Parkinson’s disease” has been enclosed as “an example of an Holistic approach” for those of you whose lives have been touched by chronic neurodegenerative (Nerve) illness. I hope to inspire you to look for treatments that can work hand-in-hand with traditional medicine to help alleviate the causes of the symptoms rather than just treating the symptoms alone. 

If you are interested in exploring how your physical pain, illness or discomfort may be connected to other facets of your health, wellbeing or spirituality, book an appointment with me now, and start your journey to Total Body Wellness.  

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A Holistic Approach to Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and Other Neurodegenerative Diseases

On 24 July 2013, my first Parkinson’s disease client Paul presented at my clinic. He had been a personal friend for nine years beforehand where I had observed his slow demise. Paul’s diagnosis of Parkinson Disease was just after he turned 50 years old. His demise included reduced mobility, speech, sleep, mental clarity and an inability to make decisions. Due to increasing anxiety, depression and tremors, he experienced a divorce; couch surfing, loss of driving, early retirement and a lack of self-worth. By 62 he was living in a retirement village. As a sensitive kid, he suffered early childhood trauma in Perth. He replaced his study in the priesthood with the study of psychology and remained as an employee and not a risk taker. He has an Endomorphic round gut body and is very much a carer.

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What's on in Brisbane....

The “Hugging Mother of Kerala” Amma of Southern India is visiting Australia from 11 April to 23 April and is in Brisbane on 20 April 2017. (Also Melbourne, Sydney & the Gold Coast)


When was the last time you were hugged by an “Earth Mother” and connected with your heart? Amma has been hugging people with “unconditional love” since the age of 17. She travels the world just hugging people. The responses range from feelings of being comforted, understood, safe, at home, released from a broken heart and reconnected with an inner peace.

There are two Free public programs in Brisbane.
One at 10.00 AM and one at 7.30 pm til late includes a prayer for World Peace. 
Venue: Croatian Community Centre, 164 Dunn Road, Rocklea QLD 4106
Refer to the details on how to experience a “Life changing Hug from Amma”.

"Awakening the Heart" Experiential Workshop
Brisbane: Wednesday 19th April. 

For those who would like to experience a more intimate “Awaking of the Heart” or cannot make the Amma events, then come and meet Shuba (Sharon) and Chidambaran (Gary) Morris from the USA who are support volunteers during Amma’s visit to Australia.

Join Shuba (Sharon) & Chidambaran (Gary) Morris for an experiential workshop that will open you to the subtle energies of your heart, expand your experience of intimacy and exercise your heart-centred intuitive abilities. This process encourages you to go inward becoming aware of the protective layers of your heart. You will be assisted in releasing stuck energy, strengthening your empathic self and allowing your heart to open and Blossom. Learning techniques where you can continue the process.
Date: Wednesday Night 19 April 2017
Time: 7.00 pm to 9.30 pm
Venue: Alive Radiant Therapies Clinic, 26a Yallamurra Street, The Gap QLD 4061
Cost:  AU$40.00.  Pay on the evening.
Please RSVP by 17 April where possible as a guide for numbers. You can still turn up on the night.
RSVP to or phone/text Robert Vicary on 0429 887 678
Visit: and for Personal Sessions - Email:

Kaitlyn Tregenza from The Gap, who is an Akashic Record, Soul Purpose and Karmic Clearing Reader (+61 0467 377 109), attended the “Awakening the Heart” workshop in December 2016 during her visit to receive a “Hug from Amma” in Kerala, India. She found this workshop continued the process of opening her heart after the profound peace she experienced of being “Hugged by Amma.”

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