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New Year, New You

Discover the keys to good health in 2015

Hi <<First Name>>
Welcome to the first of what I hope will be a regular good health and wellbeing newsletter from Alive Radiant Therapies. 

I've made it my goal to help people achieve total body wellness, and one part of that goal is to share with you some of the things I've learned about energy, wellbeing and health and how you can achieve total body wellness through holistic health and medicine practices.

Research suggests that pain is a manifestation of an in-balance in the physical, spiritual, mental or emotional states of the body, often as a result of trauma, stress or environmental issues. Holistic health practices have the ability to relieve your pain by addressing the cause, rather than merely treating the symptoms. 

On that note: I have chosen to focus this inaugural edition of my newsletter on Indigo Children: who they are, why they are here, and how to support their journey if you happen to know or love an indigo child. 

I hope you enjoy...
Is your strong-willed, artistic, empathetic child an Indigo Child?
Parenting is never an easy task and there’s no one formula that fits all.

But, when you’re faced with the task of bringing up an especially talented, often precocious child who, on one hand seems far too mature, and on the other hand, strong-willed and defiant of authority, you’re at a loss.

If you have an Indigo Child, this feeling of awe and helplessness is typical, and you’re not alone.
What people are saying about Robert & Alive Radiant Therapies....
At 56, I presented to Robert with a very sore left hip where it was painful to climb up steps, walk or
sit. Little did I know that the hip was just an excuse by the greater universe to unlock the healing  potential I found within. Yes, my hip was healed but the greatest shift was in the energy and unbounded optimism and gratitude that I found within. The result: weight loss, renewed vigour, regained youthfulness and mental clarity. I am now feeling truly more “Alive” than I did at 40. PS. You have to laugh, I turned up for a remedial massage and the transformation seemed to start happening as soon as I was able to hobble up onto the massage table. Don’t wait till you are 56 before you step out and start your own transformation.

Evelyn of St Johns Wood, QLD.
I'm now a qualified Emmett Practitioner...

The Emmett Technique can best be described as a light-pressure-touch body therapy which works the neuro-muscular activation points which were discovered by Ross Emmett.

Like a reset button for the brain, it helps the body to combat stress or emotional overload by reactivating the body’s natural circuitry system.

Through his study Robert has found the Emmett Technique highly beneficial for patients who are experiencing muscular pain the the neck, shoulder, back, hip and leg regions, as well as emotional pain due to physical stress or overwhelm.

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