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The massage industry is filled with all types of specialists - from purely relaxation massages, through to sports massage and my favourite, remedial massages.

My remedial massages combine the best practices of a number of massage and holistic healing philosophies to promote total body wellness in the individual.

One of those philosophies is Myofascial release.

If you've ever wondered why certain spots hurt more than others during a massage -  then the article below will help to explain it.

But the myofascia is more than just a pain conduit. It is out body's super highway to our subconscious... read the articles below and let me explain....

With love and thank you for inspirations that you share with me each time we meet. 


Why it temporarily hurts when your Myofacia is released...

In today’s world where modern medicine has a drug for just about every ailment that plagues you, altogether too many people are being numbed but not treated for pain they are experiencing. There are safer alternatives to pharmaceuticals, some of which are actually healing and myofascial release is one highly successful treatment for ongoing muscular and joint pain that doesn’t ever seem to subside.

However, when the myofascia is released there may be some amount of pain associated with the procedure and while it is completely normal, you may be questioning why it temporarily hurts when your myofascia is released. In order to answer this, it is first necessary to understand what myofascia is and how it is impacted by literally every aspect of your being.
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Why is the ART of combining a Belief Shift with a Muscle Skin or Myofascial Release so transforming?

As mentioned in a previous post – Click here to read, “Why it hurts when your Myofascia is released.” The Myofascia is an interconnected web-like structure that surrounds the bones and muscles of your entire body. This “feeling” super highway is your body’s first line of defence when it comes to pathogens, injury and illness.  And while on the surface, the Myofacia can be seen to have a purely physical role, its interconnectedness between all of the body’s systems means it is acts as a conduit for the subconscious, presenting emotional blockages as pain, illness or injury.

In my work, I often talk about the connection between the mind and body, and how these connect with the physical representation of the pain you’re feeling or the illness that you’re experiencing. For example: In very simple terms, from my Reflexology studies, I know that a pain in a certain part of the foot can correspond with bowel cancer, right-side pain can be caused by not letting go of a past experience, and a left-side pain represents a fear of the future.

The following process details the mind-body connection between the myofascia and the subconscious, and how, with some practice, you can take control of your body to achieve total body wellness.
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Acupuncture and Fertility

Perhaps one of the most heart-breaking and frustrating things to happen to a woman is to find out that she is unable or unlikely to be able to conceive and give birth to a child of her own.

Unfortunately, infertility is on the increase, and modern day living is definitely a large contributor. With most modern day couples facing a number of stressful circumstances, it’s becoming harder to conceive – which is why many would-be mothers are turning to acupuncture to help increase their chances of having a baby.
Article written by Jennifer Byrne of East West Fertility
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