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It's Mental Health Week!

If you've ever suffered from Stress, Anxiety, Depression or any other Mental Health condition... please read on...

Hi <<First Name>>

This week we're celebrating Mental Health Week! 

And yes, you read that correctly, we're celebrating... Celebrating the many treatment options available to help ordinary everyday people, like you and me, to overcome and treat mental health dis-orders. 

Celebrating the fact that finally, mental health disorders are coming out of the closet and being recognised as the truly debilitating conditions that they can be, and...

Celebrating the light at the end of the tunnel... the life you can have without anxiety, depression, stress etc. 

You see, regardless of who you are, what you earn or what you do, at some point in your life chances are, you may experience symptoms of a mental health disorder. In fact, recent research has shown that more than 35% of people are currently suffering from or have suffered from a mental health disorder.

So my aim in this newsletter, is to give you a roadmap to complementary treatment options: please feel free to share it with friends and family for whom it may strike a chord.  

With love and thank you for inspirations that you share with me each time we meet. 


Working with Mental Health Clients

Recent research has shown that approximately 35% of the Australian population is currently or will suffer from a mental health disorder during their lifetime.

From the mild (and hopefully transient) to the completely debilitating (and lifelong), these disorders have the potential to affect not only the patient's life, but also the lives of those around them as well.

Mental health casts broad brush strokes within our communities as it includes conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression PTSD, eating disorders, control disorders, psychosis and ADHD, as well as bipolar, schizophrenia, dementia and more... 

But at its very heart (and regardless how it presents within each individual)... 

What makes some people more susceptible to mental health disorders?

In my studies, I have come to define the area of mental health as the functioning of or the disconnection between the Conscious Mind (head, dualistic, past and future brain), the Subsconscious Mind (the heart and gut) and the Superconscious Mind (the energy, soul and matrix).

See graphic...

In other words, if there is a "disconnect" between your conscious, subconscious and your super conscious - you are more likely to experience some form of mental health disorder.  

However, the fact is, that there is no easy answer to the question "What makes some people more susceptible ... as circumstances and life experiences have been shown to be a major contributing factor to mental health disorders. However, some sections of society such as Indigo Children, Pleiades and other highly sensitive persons with extrasensory perception, psychic abilities or healing skills tend to present more often suffering the symptoms of mental health illnesses. 

Remember: “Within the Heart of each new moment dwells the seed for a new beginning”

What tools do I use when working with Mental Health Clients?

These are some of the keys and tools I use when working with Mental Health Clients:

Each Person’s “Original DNA Blue Print” is still intact within self. Your peace and your calm can be reactivated to assist changing a “Learning Experience” into a “Blessing”. Life’s “Events” become woven into your fabric of Life which is your unique “ART of Being Human” on “Your Journey to Total Body Wellness”.
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Lessons from the Mental Health Hospital
By Glennon Doyle Melton

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External Resource Materials

On my website, I have included a comprehensive list of resources and contact information on a large variety of topics. This includes a list of External Health Services and their contact details >>click here<<
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