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Merry Christmas!

Hi <<First Name>>

Well the decorations are up, and the stores are packed with frenzied shoppers trying to find the perfect gifts for friends, family and loved ones... it must be Christmas time again!

As you prepare to take this time to relax and spend time with family, I wanted to personally wish you a happy, safe and enlightened Christmas.

Please be safe on the roads this Christmas, and in the midst of all the craziness, please take a moment or too to appreciate your many blessings. 

With love and thank you for inspirations that you share with me each time we meet. 


Tips for Surviving the Silly Season

Well Christmas is truly upon us, and while being the "most wonderful time of the year," is can also be the most challenging too...

Here's my top 5 tips for surviving the holiday season...

  1. Breathe - In the Energy for my sustenance and Out the Calm for all those around me.
  2. Listen - For the signs of stress and pain messengers and supply blood to the body
  3. Forgive - the Thoughts and Beliefs of fear, stress and Dis-Ease.
  4. Be Thankful - for "What Is" the lessens being reflected for my awakening
  5. Transform - with Hope for Full Consciousness of my I am Beingness

I wish you peace, love and happiness for now and the coming year. 

What is Holistic Health Care?

Holistic Health Care is the recognition and care of the Whole Person including their Body, Mind and Soul.

In comparison to traditional health care, where doctors and patients compartmentalize sections of the Whole Body for treatment purposes and focuses only on the symptoms, Holistic Health Care Practitioners expand this approach from just the person’s symptoms to include their causes and needs within their physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic bodies as well as social and economic requirements, forgiveness and fear responses to their inherited DNA, environmental issues, self-care and choices they have made during their events in Life.

Healing or A Cure?

A Cure is considered as an absence of symptoms of the "Dis-Ease” or diagnosis.

Healing is considered a success when the person is “Being” in a state of “Ease” instead of “Doing” in a state of “Dis-Ease”. It is like a person becomes “Whole” again by integrating their Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Energetic Bodies with or without a cure. Treatments can assist and boost your recovery. “Real Healing” always comes when we become Aware of the integration of our Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies with a reconnection to your “Energetic Body” of Peace, Love, God, Source Chi, Om, Light, Torus Energy and Harmony from Within. 

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Drop in for a Massage this Sunday at The Gap Markets...

It's market day again this Sunday, and as always, I'll be at the Gap Farmer's Market this weekend, so if you've got some sore spots, are feeling a bit overwhelmed or if stress is getting you down, drop by for what one of my client's calls, her "Robert Tune-Up"

If you can't get there on the weekend, I've got appointments available at my clinic during the week as well. 

This weekend I have appointments available at:
  • My Clinic - 26a Yallamurra St, The Gap. BOOK ONLINE NOW
  • 13/12/15 - The Gap Farmers Market at Hilder Road School 6am - 12 noon
  • 23/12/15 - The Gap Farmers Market at Hilder Road School 2.30pm - 7.00pm
Let me know in advance if you're coming by dropping me a text, and I will reserve your preferred spot for you. 

Not only is The Gap Farmer's Market a great place to get out into the sunshine, support our local community and grab a few essentials, you'll also leave my massage table feeling awesome after just 25 or 35 minutes! 

Remember my market pricing applies on Sunday which means you can have a 25 minute massage for $30 or a 35 minute massage for $40 (with a health fund rebate). Or if you bring you'll be eligible for the family discount, it you bring your partner or children to see me at my clinic. 

The Effect of Toxic Chemicals in Feminine Hygiene Products

Most women want to look and feel their best, and as a result are lured in by the cosmetics and personal hygiene industries to buy products that are subsequently proven to be unsafe. When it comes to feminine hygiene products, more and more information is being released as to the dangers of some of the ingredients, both active and inactive, that can cause lasting physiological effects. Here we take a look at couple of the most commonly used feminine hygiene products and the hidden dangers of the toxic chemicals they include.

>>

Article by Jenny Byrne -
To book an appointment with Jenny, please call
East West Fertility on (07) 3366 5899

Want to change your thoughts??

What is hypnosis? 

Hypnosis is a very pleasant and naturally occurring state of altered awareness.  Much like that lovely  state you slip into as you doze off to sleep or as you are naturally awakening.  Some people describe it as being ‘in the zone’, similar to when you are completely absorbed in a book or movie where you are centrally focused and loose awareness of the external environment.  

Who can be hypnotized?

Absolutely anyone can be hypnotized provided they are willing.  Some people are concerned that they will loose control or be made to do things that they otherwise wouldn’t.  It is reassuring to know that our subconscious mind (the part that is accessed during hypnosis) will always keep us safe and never allow us to do anything that is against our morals, ethics or good taste!

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is using the hypnotic state for therapeutic benefit and is practiced by professionals 
who have undertaken study with a professional organization to help people achieve their best potential.  Check that your hypnotherapist is a member of a professional organization such as the Australian Hypnotherapy Association. 

What is hypnotherapy used for?

Hypnotherapy is used to effectively treat a very wide range of maladies, here are a few examples…anxiety, stress relief, public speaking, PTSD, fears & phobias, depression, weight loss, pain management, relaxation, surgery preparation, self esteem enhancement, learning challenges, habit 
changes, addictions.

Please feel free to contact me (Trish Cumming) 0413 647 109 if you have any questions about hypnotherapy.
Article by Trish Cumming 
Trish Cumming HypnoBirthing & HypnoTherapy
To book an appointment with Trish, please call
0413 647 109

Need a Massage over Christmas??

Many clients find the sudden stop in "busy-ness" or the extra stress of executing the perfect Christmas, can mean old injuries and hurts seem to flare up over the holidays. If this is you, please don't suffer through... book an appointment with me and banish those pains instantly. 

Please note: I will be open throughout the Christmas Period (closed on Christmas, Boxing Day & New Years Day), with appointments available at times that suit you. Please check my website for daily availability

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