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Welcome to Winter!

Let's look at what you can do to stay healthy this year!

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Brrr! Winter is finally well and truly on its way, and its brought with it some nasty friends called Cold, Flu, Cough and Bug!!. 

Once again, these Colds and Flu's are infiltrating our homes, schools and workplaces. Look around you, I would guess that at least one person is suffering in its nefarious grip.

But before you make the trek to the doctor for antibiotics (which won't work for the common cold anyway), try some of my Grandmother's tried and tested remedies for staying healthy this winter. 

With love and thank you for inspirations that you share with me each time we meet. 


P.S. If you're already in the grip of a cold or flu, contact me now for a remedial massage/reflexology treatment. I can help your body to shed those toxins quickly and arm itself against further onslaught.
Grandma’s Old Fashioned Winter Cold Prevention Remedies
Each year as winter approaches, it’s time to think about fortifying the body for those long, cold months ahead. This is the time of year when all those colds and influenzas start making the rounds and unfortunately, too few people actually take preventative measures to keep those nasty bugs at bay. With some sound advice and a heaping dose of prevention, this could be the year you make it through unscathed. Get ready to dig in and do battle with Grandma’s old fashioned winter cold prevention remedies.

Begin with Cleansing and Detoxification

Before you can even begin to think about fortifying the body against and onslaught of new viruses that will be trying to invade, it is vital to cleanse the body of all those impurities floating around doing untold amounts of damage. 
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Complimentary Practitioner Profile
Around this area, we're really fortunate to have access to a great variety of talented holistic health practitioners. A lot of these practitioners are listed on my website under the links tab >><< but I thought that it would be a good idea to let you know about them in case their skills resonate with your needs.

So over the next issues of my newsletters, I will share the profiles of some of these talented healers. 
Maverick Minds - Dr Catherine Lloyd

Maverick Minds provides clients with the best possible facilitation, coaching, and learning experiences to help shift your thinking and get clear with your purpose.

Maverick Minds works flexibly with organisations, teams, and individuals to ignite creativity and explore innovative approaches for people, projects and organisational development. 

What can Maverick Minds do for you?

  • Create and facilitate stand alone courses and workshops.
  • Facilitate conferences.
  • Support the learning and development programs delivered within your organisation.
  • Design programs around your organisational needs.
  • Design sessions/programs to fit your schedule from half day, full day or longer term engagements.
  • Deliver workshops at your office or we will find an appropriate and inspiring venue to fit the nature of the facilitation.
  • Arrange the appropriate materials.
Maverick Minds is holding an Embracing Positive Change Workshop on Saturday the 13th of June. For more information, please click here.
Sharon Wilford - Naturopath
Sharon Wilford Naturopathics applies a range of diagnostic assessments, natural therapies and wellness programs tailored to address your specific health needs.

Sharon uses a combination of therapies to identify health problems and restore balance to the individual.

A professional, friendly and caring clinic for alternative medicine

We welcome people of all ages with a wide range of health concerns. We are located in New Farm Professional Suites, in Merthyr Village.

Specialising in:

  • Neurolink
  • Neuro Emotional Technique
  • Hormone Balancing
  • Natural Fertility
  • Women’s Health
  • Allergy Identification
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