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Last month I invited you to join me for the "30 Day Santa Barbara Slim Down" and promised to share my results (that was so motivating!). This challenge was an opportunity for me to address some of the health issues that were weighing me down (pun completely intended!).  First, I learned what was going on internally with hormone and blood levels and then I completely revamped my diet and approach to training.  I could not have done either without the help of two amazing businesses here in town.
"Our goal is to help you stay healthy and youthful as long as possible. We provide you with everything you need to achieve this goal. While time and genetics are a constant, it is now possible to attain your biological age at a level younger than your chronological age."
Through very extensive lab work and consultation I learned about anomolies that were aging me from the inside and exacerbating my joint pain and not feeling well. More detail than I've gotten in all my previous lab experiences combined. Incredible information! They didn't try to sell supplements as a quick fix, but instead helped me learn more about what is going on in my body and how I can heal it through food modifications whenever possible. They are all a pleasure to work with and are located in the Walter Claudio Salon, too!
"Fitness Transform offers fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching solutions for men and women of all ages who want to build a lean, fit and pain-free body so that they can move better, feel stronger and achieve the lifestyle they desire." 

30-Day Santa Barbara Slimdown
I just completed my 30-day Slimdown with Mikki Reilly. Tough, but absolutely amazing. I always thought I ate well and I have been doing hard cardio for 30 years. I finally understand why I couldn't lose weight, had joint pain and didn't feel well.  My entire body feels better than it has in 20 years - gut health, joints, back and confidence. Mikki is not just another trainer.  Her one on one attention to your specific body, diet and lifestyle makes all the difference.  Her approach is very different and she is the "firmest" soft-spoken person I've ever met!
June 2, 2017

11 West Figueroa Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 (online scheduling available)


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