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October 2014

The Writing Book community is growing day by day. Teachers are sharing ideas and we are developing new material. Here is what has been happening this month on Facebook and our website.

Sheena & Louise 


Top Facebook Post 
(14 700 people reached)

Thanks to Lauren Cole for sharing this website. There are some great images for younger children in this collection. 

Website to motivate writing 
The Literacy Shed includes a series of different themed sheds, which contain video and images to motivate writing. It also includes ideas for lessons and some samples of writing. The KS1 shed is for junior students.
Lesson Idea 
Remember Poem
Based on an idea by Gail Loane (I've got something to say, page 91)

Identify an event, time or place the students have experienced and enjoyed. Use the detail icons to generate ideas for the poems (Page 240). Use the PowerPoint and writing template in the resources section  of our website to create Remember Poems.  There is also an example of student writing in the 'Examples of Writing' section. 
Top Facebook Post 
(6524 people reached)
Dianne Sanson shared this fantastic idea for a 4 sentence recount. 
It is such a simple and achievable activity and great for an 'after the holidays' or 'after the weekend' piece of writing. 
There is a template in the Quick Write section of the website to support this activity.

Website to motivate writing 
Wonderopolis can be used across the curriculum. The 'wonders' are all archived and can be used as ideas and motivation for writing. They link well to explanation writing. Students could create their own 'wonder' presentation.

Training Events Term 1 2015 


DUNEDIN = Tahuna Intermediate School
Thursday 29th January, 9-3pm: Developing an effective writing programme

INVERCARGILL - Donovan School 
Friday 30th January, 9-3pm: Developing an effective writing programme

WELLINGTON - Dowse Gallery
Saturday 2nd May, 9-1pm: Developing an effective writing programme

19th and 21st March (more information to follow) 

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