This is the time to Go Wild!

Dear Cooking & Eating Friends:

To beat the winter blues, there is an artistic challenge every January on Deer Isle to create something new daily, whether it be a work of art, sculpture, part of a painting, or a new recipe.
My new year’s resolution is quite simple: this is the time to Go Wild! For the month of January, I resolve to discover, test, develop and taste at least 31 wild blueberry recipes and I invite you to join my adventures.
Let's GO WILD in 2019!
31 Days of Wild Blueberry Recipes!
We live in a precarious time for Mother Earth. 

Just by going Wild and enjoying a daily dose of wild blueberries, we become more connected to our food. An important part of indigenous cuisine, the hardy, lowbush, wild blueberry has thrived in our thin glacial soils and harsh northern clime for over 10,000 years.

Connectedness is important to our health.  Connected to the land, connected to our neighbors and friends, connected to our communities... all of these connections give our lives meaning, purpose, and direction.

Connecting with the people that grow your food, roast the coffee beans, bake the bread, milk the cows, ferment the pickles, feed the lambs and pigs, rake the blueberries, gather the eggs, harvest the hay, jar the jams, tend the goats and all those daily things, now that is wild and a joyful way to eat!

Thanks for supporting Maine agriculture!
Chef Cheryl
P.S. If eating wild Maine blueberries is your way to go Wild!, please let me know your success here.
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