Dear Cooking & Eating Friends:

Happy Spring!
Even though the Maine weather outside has been frightful, we've been busy "bringing spring" inside...and ready to ship to you! 
During the winter thaw and before the blizzards, I searched Crockett Cove Woods for mosses, lichens, ferns and more.  Although dormant in the cold of winter, these greens thrive with a little heat and moisture and are perfect for building a terrarium. We started ours in early February and spruce trees have already sprouted.

Last March my Makrut or Kieffer Lime tree was in full bloom.

Now, the fruit is dropping off the tree!
For those not familiar with the tree, here is an excerpt from It Rains Fishes: Legends, Traditions and the Joys of Thai Cooking, published by Pomegranate Artbooks, 1995. 

“Both the exceptionally fragrant fruits and leaves of the kaffir lime tree play important roles in Thai cooking, imparting unique flavors that have become identified with the cuisine. Any Thai cookbook that alludes to the use of citrus leaves really means kieffer lime leaves, the only citrus leaves used with regularity in a wide array of favorite Thai dishes. The luscious perfume and striking flavor of the leaves cannot be easily substituted with other kinds of citrus leaves. They are worth seeking, as their special attributes are irreplaceable."
Seek no further!  We have Kieffer limes and leaves!  Expand your culinary horizons or brighten someone's day.

In other news, the Deer Isle Cider Company was licensed this fall.  Flip is waiting for approval of the wine label.

We'll be sharing  sparkling cider tastings and celebrations with you this summer.  Watch for Wild Blueberry and Highland Farms of Troy special vintages.
April is our big production month:  this year we're working with Peaked Mountain Farm's wild blueberries to develop new products for their store, The Naked Blueberry in Bar Harbor.

Have you joined the fruit revolution?  Go Wild!
Happy eating and thanks for supporting Maine agriculture. -Cheryl
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