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So much has been happening since the last issue - its hard to know where to start. We have continued our travels, meeting many wonderful quilters all over the eastern half of the country. We are spreading the word - Shortcut Sheet methods for making quilt units quickly using only a regular quilting ruler. We do demos in shows, participate in learning center events, do classes and retreats and continue to develop new methods and pattern ideas. The methods have that 'wow' factor and are very well received. View of the videos on YouTube are up. There have been 178,000 views of the HST video and 57,000 for Flying Geese - clearly the most commonly used quilt units for us all.

So here is what you will learn in this Newsletter:
1. All about the Shortcut Sheet Mosaic - subscribe to this technique of the month project and you will learn all 8 Shortcut Sheet methods while making a beautiful quilt.
2. Crossings tutorial - A free pattern demonstrating our newest Shortcut Sheet method - Four Patch units. Download the free pattern.
3. The newest Northcott panels and pattern options.

Read on and enjoy!

Happy Quilting!
Carla and Bill

Shortcut Sheet Mosaic
Size 88 x 108
Quilt uses all 8 Shortcut Sheet Methods. The only ruler needed is a regular 24" quilting ruler.
The program lasts for 9 months and costs $35 per month. 
There are 5 color ways to choose from. 
Go to our home page to see the subscription information.
Watch this short video for complete information
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 August_Special when you checkout.
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Crossings Tutorial
Crossings is made with 2" and 4" four-patch units. Click here for the free download. In this tutorial we will use the pattern but with a twist - we will make it larger by piecing the scraps from our 'sheet' of 4-patch units.
As with all Shortcut Sheet techniques, you start with width of fabric (WOF) strips. We are using 3 fabrics. Cut 3" widths for the small 4-patch units (3 white, 2 blue, 2 navy) and 5" widths for the larger units (1 each of blue and navy).
1. Cut the 3" strips in half (approx 21").
2. Sew (3) blue.(3) navy and (6) white strips, alternating white with blue and then with navy.
3. Always press seams open, straight and flat.
4. Square the top edge making sure to line up the seams with the vertical lines on your ruler.
5. Then flip the sheet over to cut 3" rows - again always check the vertical alignment before cutting. 
6. Cut (6) rows.
7. Flip every second row.
8. Sew the rows together, press seams open. This is a 'sheet' of four patch units.
9. Start cutting your sheet by measuring 1-1/4" from your horizontal seams.
10. Cut the rows in the other direction, again measure 1-1/4" from the vertical seams. 
11. At this point there are enough units to make what is needed in the pattern.
OPTIONAL: To make more units, as I did, match your top strip scrap to the bottom and sew. Also take the center 2 fabric units apart and match with your side scraps.
12. Cut your 5" strips of blue and navy in half (approx 21"). Sew these together and press seams open.
13. Cut (4) 5" rows. Flip every second row and sew back together making this checkerboard.
14. Cut the sheet into rows by measuring 2-1/4" from the horizontal seams.
15. Repeat with the vertical seams to make (9) 4-1/2" four patch units.
16. OPTIONAL: You can make (7) 4-1/2" units from the scraps. Take your top scrap row and sew to the bottom scrap row. Cut 3 units. Then match all the side scraps for the rest of the units.
17. Arrange the units into blocks -  4-1/2" center, 2-1/2" corners, and white rectangles measuring 2-1/2" x 4-1/2" between the small units. This makes your 8-1/2" block.
18. Make 9 blocks for the pattern layout, or 16 blocks for OPTIONAL alternate layout. I positioned my pieces to go blue/navy/blue/navy etc on the diagonal. You of course can layout your blocks what ever way you like. 
19. Add your 2" border of white, then 2" of navy to finish the quilt.
I hope you enjoy making this little pattern as much as I have and that you have learned how easy it is to use Shortcut Sheet methods when making your four patch units.
Beautiful Northcott Panels
Here are our latest panels. Whenever possible, we include a free pattern with the panel. And in most cases, these patterns use Shortcut Sheet methods to make the units. Kits (including the panel) to make the free patterns are available.
Winter Chickadee Panel. The panel comes with the free pattern titled Good Fences.
Maplewood Panel. The panel comes with the free pattern titled Check it Out.
Here is the second colorway.
Resting Point Panel. The panel comes with the free pattern titled Windy.
Northern Solitude Panel. The panel comes with the free pattern titled Framed.
Majestic Moose Panel. The panel comes with the free pattern titled Watching Wildlife.
Black Bear Adventures Panel. The panel comes with the free pattern titled Watching Wildlife.
Two different Town and Country Panels. There will be another in the fall and one in the winter coming out shortly.
Out of this World Panel and Coral Reef Panel (this one is yardage, not a true panel)
This quilt was in the American Quilter magazine, July 2018 issue. Originally titled Loose Ends, 9 out of 10 people saw dragonflies.  So we changed the name to Accidental Dragonfly
There are only 2 blocks - Talking Points (paper pieced) and an alternate block made with HST and 4-patch units (the shortcut sheet way of course). For those of you who don't know about Talking Points, check out the info on our website.
Accidental Dragonfly has been re-worked with these pastel fabrics to better show the dragonfly shapes. This version is called Dragonflies on Parade. Between now and the end of 2018, we sell the July issue of American Quilter as the pattern (per our agreement with AQS). The alternate design is available in addition to the magazine.
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