June 2015

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Steve's Tip of the Month:

When thinking of hiring your children to work in your business straight out of school, please stop and think about it first.  Many successful families have a rule that each family member MUST work outside the family business for a MINIMUM of 3-5 years before they will even be considered for employment.

That way, people inside and outside the company will know that they were not hired solely based on their last name. And you know who else will know it? They will!

What's new:

I recently completed my first "White Paper", although I prefer to call it a
Quick Start Guide.  It is called "My Kids in My Business?  Yes/No, When, How, Why?"

You can read it or download it from the Resources section of the Website

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In honour of Father'sDay:

Is It a Problem of Design, Material, or Workmanship?


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