Steve Legler  |  Monthly Insights  |  June 2022

Tip of the month:

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff
There was a time in my life where small details would trip me up and I could be really hard on myself.  Thankfully I've learned to let go of the need for everything to be just so.
For example, this monthly newsletter should have gone out a week ago, but somehow it slipped through the cracks.  I realized it with a few hours to spare and could have rushed to get it out according to my normal schedule.
But alas, that schedule really only exists in my head (second Friday of each month) and I'm willing to bet that nobody noticed, nor will anyone care if they get this on the third Friday sometimes.
I hope that this will make you think of some things in your life where you can choose to be a little more forgiving of yourself.

What's New:

I've been to a lot of events lately and the feeling of pent up demand for human connection is palpable.
The recent sold out Family Enterprise Canada Symposium was a case in point and next up for me is my annual pilgrimage to Denver for the RendezVous of the Purposeful Planning Institute
I hope that some of you will join me there, and please say Hello if we haven't yet met.
If you aren't a member of PPI, you can use the  promo code FRIENDSRATE which allows you to register at the members' rate!

Blog of the Month:

Working Out the Family Dynamics – Before Vs. After

My Bias Has a Clear Winner

This week we’re revisiting an old idea but looking at it in a new way. There will be some flashbacks and an interesting juxtaposition that came from a peer call that inspired this post and the lookback.

Read more >

Quote of the month:

Outside link of the month:

A great interview with one of the rock stars of Family Wealth space, David York.

Is Inherited Wealth Powerful Or Destructive? Insights From Estate Planning Expert, David York

Multimedia Piece of the Month:
Last summer I was a guest on the wonderful Money Tales podcast:
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Until next month's newsletter.
I hope you enjoy my weekly blogs in between.

Steve Legler
Family Legacy Guide
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