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Starting Off Fresh in 2022 
Last year was an interesting year for many of us, and I'll admit that the choice of the word "interesting" there was a thoughtful one.  
All of our worlds have been thrown for a loop these past couple of years now, and it can be tough to imagine a return to "normal" anytime soon.
Sometimes, though, it really is darkest just before dawn, and so I've chosen to approach this new year with plenty of positive expectations and I invite you to do the same.
When we were forced to change the way we work, some good things came with that, largely in how we learned just how much more efficient remote work could be.
At the time, I know that I noted to anyone who listened that someday we would be able to combine what we were learning with some of the best of the "old ways".
I'm convinced that "someday" will arrive in 2022.

What's New:

In the December edition of Insights, I noted the following:
"On January 27th, 2022, I will be attending the Institute for Family Governance's 5th Annual Conference in New York City."
Well, as you may have guessed, it will not be taking place on that date as planned, BUT, it has simply been postponed until May.
My 2022 calendar as planned includes trips to Chicago in April, Vancouver in May-June, Denver in July, and Boston in October.
My fingers remain crossed that most of these will happen as planned!

Blog of the Month:

The Doing / Being Connection

Don’t You Have to BE, Before You Can DO?

I guess the factory setting in my brain worked the other way from Forster’s, because I used to think that you had to be someone or something before you could do anything.

Read more >

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Outside link of the month:

I came across this piece recently from Brown Brothers Harriman, and I liked the way it touched on some important elements of raising children in a wealthy family:

Multimedia Piece of the Month:
Here is a recent episode of the Let's Talk Family Enterprise podcast that I sometimes host, featuring Jim Grubman, a longtime leader in the family enterprise space:

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