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Tip of the month:

Is it time to change things up....?
Late summer can be an interesting time to try to change things up in our lives.  For example, if you've been overdoing it in some areas of your life, try doing less.
This could apply to all sorts of things, from easing off on an extra beer or glass of wine, to simply getting off your teenagers' backs a bit.  Maybe you're working too hard and not delegating enough, or maybe you just need to slow down and reassess where things are.
On the other side of the equation, it's likely that in some areas, you might be "underdoing it".  There are probably parts of your life you've been neglecting and slacking off on, especially as summer gets us out of our routines. Eating healthy and exercise are typical examples, but meditating, reading, and having important conversations with family members can also fall into this category.
So what areas of your life could do with a little shake up?

What's New:

Since my new book, Interdependent Wealth, launched in late June, I've been speaking about it to lots of people.  
A few of those folks have recorded those discussions as podcasts, and I'm particularly proud of this one, where I was a return guest on Russell Haworth's Family Business Podcast.

Blog of the Month:

Family businesses by their very nature are very diverse.  No two families are alike, and the variety of businesses that they own and operate are likewise very different.

So as someone who writes a weekly blog that always comes back to families and how they work together, I think it’s normal that my inspiration for ideas to write about is also “all over the map” and quite eclectic.  

This one comes from something I heard on the radio, but it wasn’t a country song!

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Quote of the month:


Outside link of the month:

From the IFB in the UK, where they have a great series of guides for business families.

Until next month's newsletter.
I hope you enjoy my weekly blogs in between.

Steve Legler
Family Business Advisor
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