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Tip of the month:

Change Starts from Within
In the world of Family Enterprise, relationships are SO important, whether we're talking about those between family members or among their advisors.  Relationships don't always remain as positive as they need to be, and when you hit some bumps along the way, there needs to be some effort put into changing how we relate with each other.
When something needs to change, by extension someone needs to change, and it is tempting to jump to the conclusion that the other person is the one who needs to change.
Unfortunately, we can't make someone else change, at least not in any regular and sustainable way, so that leaves us looking in the mirror and figuring out how we can change how we interact with others, because we are the only one over whom we have any control.
The good news is this: if you have read and agreed with the last few lines, you are already well on your way. Keep going.

What's New:

FFI Conference: Virtual and In Person
I'm looking forward to the upcoming annual conference of the Family Firm Institute. There's a Virtual part and then a Live part in London, and I'll only be part of the first one, as an attendee. Last year I presented at the Virtual conference. This year I'll just be there to learn from others. I have not missed this event since I joined FFI and it pains me to miss it, but I'm planning on staying closer to home for a while still and can't wait until I no longer feel that that's necessary.   
FECC Virtual fall 2021 & Live January 2022
I'm pleased to be participating in the University of Vermont's 9th Annual Global Family Enterprise Case Competition as a judge once again. 
There is a virtual version coming up soon as well as in-person in January, and I sure hope that by then I'll be able to easily cross into the US by car without issue, since it's only 90 minutes from my home. I've been a part of this competition for many years and I've never walked away without having been blown away by the quality of the students who present there

Blog of the Month:

When a Nudge is Better than a Shove

Forcing People to Do Things Often Backfires

Working with people who are very involved with their family members in the management and/or ownership of a business brings with it a lot of variety, as you might suspect.

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Quote of the month:


Outside link of the month:

This is a bit of a classic from a few years ago, but I recently stumbled across it and decided it needed to be shared, by two Family Office veterans and specialists, Barbara Hauser and Kirby Rosplock

Multimedia Piece of the Month:

I recently appeared as a guest on the Empowered Investor podcast where I had a great conversation with some old friends, Keith Matthews and Ruben Antoine

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