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Tip of the month:

Managing your Energy > Managing your Time.
I came across something recently that I have begun to keep in mind and that I now think is worth sharing.  It was a comment about how the way we've been forced to work over the past 12 months has changed and how we need to adapt. It was about the fact that managing our time might not be the best way to look at our workdays anymore.  
These days it has become more important to manage our energy than to manage our time.  In fact, much of our time management has been removed from our control, due to the abundance of meetings we are expected to attend, so often stacked on top of each other.
The suggestion is to instead concentrate on managing our energy throughout the day, so as to be able to be "on" for the meetings that are most important to us. If that means taking some time "off" between meetings in order to be completely present during important periods of the day, then managing that personal energy should become the priority over being "at work" for so many hours.
It's been working for me and I bet it can be a useful tactic for you as well.  It's really only a bit of a re-frame, but it can make a big difference.

What's New:

In last month's Insights newsletter, I mentioned an upcoming virtual conference being put on by the Family Enterprise eXchange:
What's new at this time is that I've been added to the program as the co-host of a Community Talk, which will run on both Wed April 20 and Thu April 21. My co-host will be my friend and colleague Monica Clare.  The title of our sessions will be: What About Family Members Who AREN'T in the Business?

Blog of the Month:

Kintsugi for your Business Family

If it Ain’t Broke, Break It?

One place I turn for information and inspiration in my professional world is LinkedIn.  I find so much useful content and plenty of blog ideas there every week.

I’ve also “met” some great new colleagues there over the years, many of whom I’ve yet to actually meet in person, but most of whom I have met over Zoom.

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Multimedia Piece of the Month:
Selling the Family Business, Managing the Family Wealth and Keeping the Family Together with Steve Legler

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