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Tip of the month:

Summer has a different vibe to it from the rest of the year, so I hope that everyone is taking advantage of it and doing some of the things that make this season special.
After the last couple of years where our movements and activities had been more restricted, I know that I have been making up for lost time on a number of fronts.
If you can find ways for some of the younger members of your family to step up into new roles and have the elders take more "back seat", quieter roles, that could be the start of some new leadership for the future.

What's New:

So this is not exactly "new" news, but it is something that I have recently decided to share more broadly. I began working with the leadership group of MTM 360 a while ago, but decided to stay mum about it until I managed to complete my first project with an actual family, which just happened a few weeks ago in Denver. Since I have now finished my self-imposed probationary period, and the feedback from the family was fantastic, I am now telling the world that I am all in.
I wrote a piece on this for the FFI Practitioner on their behalf last year, which you can read here: Using Technology for Family Learning and Engagement 

Having now gone through a lived experience with a family, I can tell you that this is more powerful than I had imagined, and I know that I will be using this platform with more families going forward.

Blog of the Month:

Starting a Family Council: Some Assembly Required

Working with families who are in the early stages of trying to establish some governance, there are always many areas of uncertainty involved, and some doubts about just how to proceed.

Often families expect that the steps and answers will be simple and easy to follow, but that’s rarely the case in my experience.

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Quote of the month:

Outside link of the month:

I participated in a breakout session at the recent PPI RendezVous around this piece of research, given by two of its authors, and I thought it was worth sharing here:

Inheritance styles A road map for the rising generation

Multimedia Piece of the Month:
Here's a link to a recent recording I did with my friend and respected colleague Cindy Radu of Tamarind Learning: Starting Fast and Moving Slow, Overcoming Resistance in Family Systems Conversations
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