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Tip of the month:

I'm in the middle of an audiobook called Good Inside by Dr. Becky Kennedy, and of her many great tips, this one stands out. I want to share it because it has to do with cutting some slack to family members, which I typically endorse.
She calls is MGI, which stands for the Most Generous Interpretation.
When something happens and you are still low on the details and context, get into the habit of beginning with the most generous interpretaion of what was behind it, rather than jumping to any other conclusion with may result in a reaction that just makes matters worse.

What's New:

My spring calendar is taking shape with the following events that will take me to Chicago, New York and Ottawa in April and May.
If you are curious about any of these, let me know and I'll be happy to share more over a Zoom call.

Blog of the Month:

Family Wealth – Is Stewardship Still the Gold Standard?

When it comes to preserving family wealth over generations, one of the biggest bogeymen out there is entitlement, and for decades now that’s what’s been keeping families up at night, and keeping many of their advisors busy trying to prevent.

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Classic Blog of the Month:
Asking for What You Need in the FamBiz

This week I want to look at what seems like a pretty simple topic, but after we get through it all, you may agree that it’s not as simple as you first thought.

We’re going to look at the subject of asking for things, which some people do with ease, while others do with trepidation.

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Quote of the month:

Outside link of the month:

From CampdenFB, featuring friend and colleague Dr. Richard Orlando:

Multimedia Piece of the Month:
A recent episode of the Let's Talk Family Enterprise podcast I hosted:

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