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Tip of the month:

It's a new year and we're all coming off a year that was memorable for many of the wrong reasons. And we are still very much in the middle of the situation we were all in for much of the past many months. So, what can we do, if not try to learn from what we all went through?
My focus is always on the family, so I invite you to reflect on what you learned about your other family members, and think about ways that you can start to treat them all in more productive ways in 2021.  That may involve thinking in terms of developing a more "adult-to-adult" relationship with many of them.
Such changes typically start small, but can begin to bear fruit relatively quickly if you keep at them.  Please consider giving this a shot in 2021, starting with your very next interactions with family members.

What's New:

Next week is a big week for many Family Business students from around the world.  It's time once again for the University of Vermont's Schlesinger Global Family Enterprise Case Competition.
Of course like everything else in the world it has moved to a virtual format that already began last October.  I will be a judge once again, which is always an honour.  UVM is only about 90 minutes from my home, so it's usually an easy drive that allows me to see some brilliant young students, many of whom are experiencing a northern climate with snow for the first time.
Alas, I will see them over Zoom and look forward to seeing what sorts of solutions they propose to the great family business cases they will be tackling.

Blog of the Month:
Planning your Family’s Declaration of Interdependence

This week we’re going to go over some old ground, and cover some things that are brand new to this space.

There’s an “A-Ha Moment” involved, as well as a new way to attack an old problem.  

One thing most regular readers will recognize is that we’re once again visiting the wonderful world of “family governance”.

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I hope you enjoy my weekly blogs in between.

Steve Legler
Family Business Advisor
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