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Tip of the month:

Learning to Work Together As Equals
When I began working with other families several years ago, my initial idea was that there would be a lot of intergenerational work, where I would be called on to play a role between the generations of a family.  While that was and still is the case sometimes, there seems to be a lot more "horizontal" work coming up for me lately, where family members from the same generation are working together in a business, and they too have challenges.
It is not always easy to learn how to work together, especially when you are "equals" in terms of ownership and you are part of the same generation of the family, yet you each have different roles in the operations.
Through a combination of coaching and facilitation, there's a need to learn the "ways of being" together that can function with the "ways of doing" that are required to keep the business profitable. Just don't expect all the pieces to fall together overnight. Putting together your Modus Vivendi with your Modus Operandi takes work, but it can be done.

What's New:

As per the Tip above, because I keep seeing more and more families s like this, either already in this situation because of a recently completed generational transition, or who are about to embark on such a co-leadership model soon, I am actively looking for such family enterprise situations, because I believe that I can find ways for us all to learn together, to find ways to structure a program that can be a Win-Win-Win.
If you are part of such a family, or know of one, please get in touch so that we can talk about what this could look like. No obligation on anyone's part, of course. I'm in the preliminary stages of this and am currently "workshopping" this idea.

Blog of the Month:

As Easy as 1 – 3 – 2 ; Wait, What?

There are many blogs on my website that discuss the way some family enterprises transition from one generation of leadership to the next, and most of them refer to the fact that this transition is typically from “autocratic” to “democratic” in nature.

This week I want to look a bit more into detail around the steps that a family might want to take to accomplish such a transition in a smooth way.

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Quote of the month:

Outside link of the month:

I'm a huge fan of the TV show "Succession". However, I always note that families should not watch it expecting it to be a "How To" guide, in fact, it's quite the opposite. This article from Babson College does a great job of highlighting the distinction>

Multimedia Piece of the Month:
Regular readers know how much I enjoy podcasts, whether I'm the guest or the host.
In this episode of the Let's Talk Family Enterprise podcast, which I often host, I get to wear both hats, host and guest, as my friend and colleague Ruth Steverlynck and I recap some of the highlights of the 2021 episodes we hosted.

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