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Tip of the month:

With the Holidays just about here, many of us will be spending time with family members that we don't see as often as we'd like to.  That can create a certain amount of angst and pressure to do "too much" in a short period of time, while these people are around at this time of year.
So this month's tip is to Plan Ahead a little bit, in order to avoid that extra pressure.  There are two parts to my idea:
1. Make this a two-stage (or multi-stage) discussion.  Stage one is the only one you need to worry about for now, and it's akin to planting a seed.  Example: "Son, I know that you've got a lot of exciting and important things going on in your life right now, and we want to support you through all of it as best we can.  Let's plan to discuss how we can do that, but let's put that discussion off until after the holidays"
2. Asking, not telling: Please spend 99% of the time asking about how things are going, with real curiosity. Listen without judgement, and without offering your ideas, or trying to "fix" things. Ask in order to understand, you'll have plenty of time later to offer your advice, IF it is asked for.
If you can do both of these things, you will likely be on a path to even better family relationships.

What's New:

I'm pleased and proud to report that I have now successfully completed the Professional Coach Certification Program offered by CTI, making me a "CPCC", or Certified Professional Co-Active Coach.
My work with business families has been largely focused on facilitation with groups of people who are part of such families, but I typically shied away from the One-on-One aspect of coaching.  That has now changed, as I realized that many families are simply "not ready" for group work, but there are often individuals, typically "Family Champions" (whether they know it or not!) who can benefit greatly from coaching.
I never realized how fulfilling such relationships could be, and thanks to this program and the time I spent coaching individuals, I now see this as an area of focus going forward.
I especially enjoy working with members of the rising generation of enterprising families.
Please feel free to reach out if you recognize yourself in the above description, or if you know someone else who fits the bill.  Ask me about a free Demo session.

Every now and then, I hear an expression that hits me between the eyes, and I know I’ve got to think more about it, and eventually write about it here. Such was the case recently during one of the weekly Purposeful Planning Institute (PPI) webinars I like to attend.

And once again, the quote that became a take-away had little to do with the main subject at hand.

I decided to make the quote the title of this blog post. It comes from Dwight Eisenhower, whose term as US President ended before I was born, but based solely on that quote, I like Ike!

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Quote of the month:


Outside link of the month:

I'm going halfway around the world for this month's outside link, to a blog written by friend and colleague Lindsay Pope, from New Zealand.

Multimedia Piece of the Month:
Listen to a 10-minute interview that Steve did with Joshua Nacht, author of "Family Champions and Champion Families", for the Family Firm Institute’s weekly publication The Practitioner:   

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