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Tip of the month:

Recognize your (eventual) mortality
No big surprise here, but we are all going to die, some day.  Also no surprise, few people like to think about this fact, and they like talking about it even less.
The fear of death remains one of the biggest reasons why families don't have the important discussions that they need to have to properly plan for the future.
Sometimes, the earlier you start, the better.  You see, when you can talk about it as something that will occur "eventually", it is usually not as heavy a subject.  The longer you wait, the more "real" it feels, and the less likely you'll be able to have a productive discussion.
Simply starting with a preamble like "I know we are probably a few decades away from this actually happening, but..." can be a nice intro.

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Blog of the Month:

Following up on last week’s post, Three Pillars of Family Governance from a Pro, in which I invoked the wisdom of Barbara Hauser, one of the veteran contributors to the field of family enterprise, I’m going to do something similar this week.

This time I’ve been inspired by Randel Carlock, a professor at INSEAD, who has also been a major contributor to this field for decades.

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