September 2015
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Tip of the Month:
Looking at our offspring and trying to see them for who they have become can be difficult.  So often, parents look at their children who work for them and see them as just that, children.  But when they are in their 20's, 30's, and 40's, they really are not children anymore, even though they are "your" children.  That's why I used the term "offspring", while some other advisors like to use "former children".
Think back to when you were their age, how mature you were, how much you could take on, and what you dreamed about.  Are they really that much different than you were? If you don't think that they measure up to where you were, could it be that you had better parents? I didn't think so...

What's new:

September is a big "moving month" for me and my family.  First of all, my teenage kids both moved off to boarding school for the first time, leaving my wife and I with an empty nest, except for a dog and 3 cats.  I am also in the process of moving my office from the suburbs to the heart of downtown Montreal, to get closer to where the action is.

Blog of the Month:

I'm NOT the Only One!



Outside link of the month:

From the UK, an interesting take on Family Businesses and their tendency to look at the Long Term


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