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Sibling rivalry is not a subject that I have addressed specifically, but it seems to be on the minds of many families.  In the near future I will be doing one of my "5 Things you Need to Know" blogs on it, but in the meantime, here is a bit of a preview of coming attractions.

As you may have guessed, parenting is often key, and parents should be aware that pitting the kids against each other can have negative future consequences.  Ultimately though, if there is an issue between siblings, the people who need to work those issues out are the siblings themselves. Sorry Mom and Dad, there's only so much you can do. (And you have likely already done TOO much).

In such cases, a mediation approach, which looks at each person's interests, and helps find those that both people have in common, is often the key to resolving things.


What's new:


The annual Family Enterprise Case Competition at the University of Vermont will be happening again in January.  For the past three editions, I have acted as a judge, which I have enjoyed immensely.  But judging has proved quite popular, and the organizers have an oversupply, so I will be skipping my turn. 

Even though I will not be judging, I will be helping coach one of the local Montreal teams who will be competing.



FFI (Family Firm Institute) and STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Professionals), are putting together the first ever conference for a new group, called the Institute for Family Governance.  With a name like that, I had to sign up.

I will be there, NYC, January 26, 2017.  I hope to see some of you there too.

Institute for Family Governance Annual Conference 2017


Blog of the Month:

5 Things you Need to Know: Family Inheritance


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From Wayne Rivers of the Family Business Institute via the Wall Street Journal:


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I hope you enjoy my weekly blogs in between.

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