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Tip of the month:

Never Be in a Rush
In my weekly blogs I often write about the importance of families getting started early so that they can then take their time.
I've been trying to apply this concept more broadly in my own life, and am trying to always get better at not being in a rush.
This has a number of aspects to it, including better time management, but also has a lot to do with one's expectations.
Being realistic with what can be accomplished, by ourselves and also when we co-create with others, is something I've been working on, to relatively good effect, so far.
You may want to give it a try too.

What's New:

Being a lifelong Montrealer, the relationship I have with Toronto is a bit complex.  When I was a kid, Montreal was bigger than Toronto, but that quickly changed and now they dwarf us, and the sports rivalries have been hit and miss over the years.
But I will be heading to Toronto next week for the first time since pre-Covid, and I have to say I kind of miss it and look forward to it. I'll be driving there so I can keep a loose schedule and avoid Pearson airport!
FFI October 26-28
Another of my favourite annual conferences is back to being In Person again, and I'm looking forward to reconnecting with colleagues and meeting others for the first time in Boston in late October.

2022 FFI Global Conference

Blog of the Month:

Leaning into Family Leadership, Together

Most of the posts I write here weekly are based on ideas that have been simmering in my head for a few weeks or even months before I write about them for public consumption.

Every once in a while, like this week, they stem from an urge to quickly try to process a confluence of many recent ideas, before the potential magic they may contain begins to dissipate.

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Classic Blog of the Month:

Old MacDonald Had Family Governance (E-I-E-I-O)

Over the past two weeks I’ve been at the cottage trying to unwind and unplug a bit.

I woke up early one morning, and by the time I got up to start the coffee-maker, the bare bones of this blog post were already complete.

If you’ve ever wondered, “what kind of person wakes up thinking about family governance, while on vacation?” you now have your answer.

Because of the happy coincidence of the first letter of the adjectives I’d been dreaming about, this “Old MacDonald” blog was born.
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Quote of the month:

Outside link of the month:

This article from Forbes does a very good job of introducing the subject of Family Offices that is up-to-date and clear, from a source who knows the landscape.

What Is A Family Office In 2022? From SFO To MFO And Everything In-Between

Multimedia Piece of the Month:
This a the latest episode of the Let's Talk Family Enterprise podcast, in which I speak with Daniel Trimarchi of KPMG about the recent STEP Project report.  
Together we cover some interesting ground that can be useful for enterprising families and those who work with them.
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Until next month's newsletter.
I hope you enjoy my weekly blogs in between.

Steve Legler
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