Shift Your Family Business                                                                                                    February 2016
Tip of the Month:
Start small, but get started.  Whether you are trying to begin the process of getting your family members together to discuss important topics, or looking to involve others to talk about long term business issues, don't fall into the trap of "over planning" and never getting things off the ground, waiting to get everything "just right".
Try this: Find the one person you believe is the most likely to agree with the idea that getting a group involved makes sense, and work together with that person on how to approach the next "like-minded" person.  Build your case, bounce ideas off each other, and create some momentum. Go from one person to two, and then from two to three.
Sitting in your office by yourself won't get you very far, but when you get others involved, create a buzz, refine your message, and get the group to believe in something, you can overcome the inertia that is holding you back.

What's new:

Two organizations of which I am a member have begun speaking and exploring ways to work together for their mutual benefit, and I could not be happier about it, because their similar messages and goals work right alongside the "gospel" that I am working on spreading.
The Institute of Family Enterprise Advisors ( and the Purposeful Planning Institute ( are not exactly getting married, or even engaged, but they have begun "dating".  
John A. Warnick, the founder of PPI, will be coming to Toronto on March 2 to discuss PPI at an IFEA event.
Here is the invitation:
I will certainly be there.  Please let me know if you will be attending so that we can be sure to meet as well.  For those closer to Vancouver, the week prior, Mr.Warnick will be visiting the Vancouver chapter of IFEA.

Blog of the Month:

Judgement, Not Judgement


Outside link of the month:

Steve Legler
Family Business Advisor
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