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Keeping an Even Keel
This past year and a half has been a roller coaster for all of us.  We all hoped that the pandemic would be in the rearview mirror by now, and most of us believed it would be nothing but a memory by now.  I guess not. 🙁
Nevertheless, life goes on for most of us, and all of us in leadership positions, whether in our own family or as a trusted advisor to client families, need to continue to provide positive leadership wherever we can.
Part of that leadership includes keeping an even keel, never getting too high when things are going great, not getting too low when things are feeling like they'll stay bad forever.
I think that part of this comes from just getting older and maturing, but there's also a self-awareness and self-acceptance and equanimity component, and I encourage everyone to work on those elements, for your own good and for that of those you serve.

What's New:

The Annual FFI Conference is set for London in October, in a hybrid format.  
I haven't missed this event since I joined in 2014, but my streak for the in-person part will likely come to an end this year.
Some upcoming events that I do hope to attend, because they are within driving distance for me are:
- FEYA Quebec - November 25 (more details to follow) - The Quebec Family Enterprise of the Year Awards

Blog of the Month:

The “Family HUG” We’re All Looking For

We All Learn from All of Us

Some of the things I love about FFI are the fact that it truly is global, with members in dozens of countries, from 6 continents, and the fact that there are so many experienced practitioners who are members, and we all learn from each other in every course.

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From the Family Business Consulting Group's Doug Gray:

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The latest episode of the Let's Talk Family Enterprise podcast, hosted by yours truly:

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