Steve Legler  |  Monthly Insights  |  February 2023

Tip of the month:

This new 2023 is chugging along nicely already, and as I Iay out my calendar for the year ahead it strikes me that the post-pandemic pent-up demand for many things remains strong. 
It's never too early to begin to map things out, time-wise on your family calendar, to do whatever possible to make sure that important people are all going to be available for all of the events you are hoping to hold with a large family crowd.
Better to get on that now, before important people you're hoping to spend time with get "double booked": and end up causing unnecessary disappointment.

What's New:

My regular run of annual events that I like to attend doesn't really begin until April, but it looks like my travel schedule will include Quebec City, Toronto, Ohio, and Pennsylvania in the coming weeks and months.  
I continue to try to minimize flying and look forward to driving to see clients and colleagues in person again, some for the first time!
I love how the world has now learned to embrace both virtual and in person meetings, and am grateful for all the interactions I get to make with everyone in this ecosystem.

Blog of the Month:

Responding to Family Catastrophe – Come Together or Drift Apart

It Can Go Either Way (And One Is Better)

In my work, I get to hear lots of stories about families and how they try to deal with preparing for the future together.

For the most part, the situations remain stable for long periods of time and it’s relatively simple to know what to expect going forward from one year to the next.

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Classic Blog of the Month:
The Sledgehammer Versus the Chisel

This week we’re back to an “A vs B” blog, which I love because the format fits so nicely with my way of explaining things and the nature of a weekly blog, where I share quick insights into various aspects of family wealth transitions.

There’s also a cool back story to the genesis of this idea, and, to top it all off, it involves a couple of tools that we don’t use every day.

Let’s get into the way this came up for me first, and go from there.

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Quote of the month:

Outside link of the month:

This white paper from the Ultra High Net Worth Institute (UHNWI) was put together by four esteemed colleagues, coincidentally most of whom I've hosted on episodes of the Let's Talk Family Enterprise (LTFE) podcast over the past couple of years!

Multimedia Piece of the Month:
Speaking of LTFE, here's the latest episode of the hosts' year-end retrospective for 2022: The Best of 2022 (A Retrospective)

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I hope you enjoy my weekly blogs in between.

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