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Tip of the month:

Family experiences are key
Business families often have a number of family members who end up spending lots of time together, along with other members who, by virtue of having a job outside the family business and/or geography, seem to be less involved in what we might call family "camaraderie".
For these families, it becomes even more important to proactively find opportunities for everyone to spend some quality time together.  I'm not just talking about getting together to talk about business, either.  Finding ways for family members to experience things together, hopefully unrelated to the business, can be the key to maintaining healthy relationships.
While it may be hard to put a monetary value on creating a family that enjoys each others' company, it is one of those things that can become obvious when it is absent!  You don't want to be one of those families.
Every family will eventually come to some important inflection points, and that's when their ability to get along will be tested. If they've spent lots of time together during the good times, the tougher times will be easier to face together.

What's New:

In less than two weeks I will be in Miami (Oct 23-25) for the annual FFI Conference
This will be the 6th year in a row that I attend this great event.
Having recently been added to the faculty of their GEN program (for 2020 - 2022), I very much look forward to my new role with this group.
If you read my blogs and newsletters and we have not yet met in person and you see me in Miami, please say hello.

Blog of the Month:

I pride myself on finding interesting topics to write about here weekly.  While the major thrust of my message targets the world of family business and family wealth transitions, the inspiration for my blogs can come from just about anywhere.

This week’s post simply comes from my everyday real life. I always keep my antennae tuned to things that are a bit out of the ordinary or counterintuitive.

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