Shift Your Family Business                                                                                                     November 2015
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Tip of the Month:

Start Early. 
You can't start yesterday, so the next best time to start is TODAY. 

Meaningful changes, like transitioning a business and wealth from one generation to the next, are among the most important things you will do for your family and your legacy. 

Building and accumulating the wealth is actually the EASY part, it is keeping it in the family long term, for your kids, their kids, and their kids' kids, that is the difficult part. 

It doesn't just happen by itself, it takes work, planning, and lots and lots of CONVERSATIONS. These conversations are the key, but they are so damned hard to initiate. Bringing in an independent outsider is often the best way to get started.

What's new:

This is so NEW that it isn't even out yet, but look out for some major changes in my online presence in the coming weeks.

The website will soon be scaled down dramatically, because the deeper I get into this field of Family Business Advising, the more I realize that there is so much work to do, and so many ideas to share, and so much valuable content to get out there. So...
The website which was simply the website for my book, will soon become the content hub for my blogs, newsletters, and the Quick Start Guide Series (Quarterly "white paper" pieces).  I will also be doing more in the way of curating interesting content from other contributors whenever I come across worthwhile articles and studies from respected sources in the field.

Blog of the Month:

There Is No “Fast Forward” Button

Outside link of the month:

Steve Legler
Family Business Advisor

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