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Getting Back Out There
At the risk of being controversial, I want to share the feelings from my recent return to the "real world" of being with people again, face to face.  In March I went to Nashville to be with a group of mental health professionals who were all learning about crisis and hostage negotiation. In April I was in Chicago with a dozen colleagues, mostly psychologists, who work with family enterprises.
Last week I was at a Climate Summit in Montreal with a few hundred people, and by the time this goes out I will have just returned from New York and the Institute for Family Governance's annual conference which had initially been set for January.
During the past couple of years, I shared with many people that I did not miss the airports and hotels involved in my work, and much of that remains true, but these recent forays back into the real world have energized me in ways that I had not expected.
Please go at your own pace and comfort level, but I can tell you that being with people, live, as opposed to being on screen with the "Brady Bunch" or in "Hollywood Squares" mode on Zoom, has been wonderful for me. I hope to see you somewhere real, real soon.

What's New:

Family Enterprise Canada is having one such event in Vancouver in a couple of weeks.
I'm thrilled to have been handed a great role as Co-MC for the whole event, which feels like it is right up my alley. It also illustrates one of the benefits of being bilingual, as FEC is a national organisation, so it behooves them to be able to welcome members and guests in both English and French, which I am capable of doing, and look forward to. I can promise some inside jokes for those who will be able to understand them.

Blog of the Month:

Why Succession Planning Fails…

We’re all familiar with expressions like “failing to plan is planning to fail”, which might lead one to believe that families experience poor outcomes because they never got around to planning anything.

While there certainly are plenty of those examples one could point to, that view is actually pretty simplistic, because there are in fact many professionals who are kept quite busy working with and for families in these important endeavours.

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This is from David Wells, a colleague from Nashville. I hope you will find something useful here:

Success Depends on the Mission Statement – Choose Carefully

Multimedia Piece of the Month:
Family Champions and Champion Families
Let’s Talk Family Enterprise Podcast Episode #34

Host: Steve Legler  |  Guest: Joshua Nacht

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