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Tip of the month:

With the year coming to an end soon, we're quickly going to run out of time to cross some things off our 2019 to-do lists.  
If you're like me, there are likely some items that you've already kicked into your 2020 headspace, at least in the back of your mind
But in order to prevent things from sliding further into the future than you want, it can be good to take a proactive step, now, to make sure that you will get to them, sooner in 2020, rather than later.
People often allow things to slide when they are unconsciously avoiding them, because they may deal with subjects that are not fun, or are seen as a "pain in the butt".
But if you can take a step now, to make an appointment with a lawyer, or a doctor, or anyone else, for that matter, for some time in January, you can actually make yourself feel good about having done something.
Just make sure you go through with it and don't cancel it after New Year's Day; that would be cheating!

What's New:

As I am currently winding down the last requirements for my coaching certification with CTI, I must admit that the experience has been potentially "life-changing" for me.
I had previously really only considered working with family groups, as a facilitator and mediator and "guide", but the more I got to practice coaching the more I realized how powerful it can be for individuals.  And it has naturally made me better at everything else too.
There are so many people who are part of business families who could use an outside resource to work with them (and walk with them) as they face their challenges, that I can no longer overlook such opportunities.
Stay tuned for more on this going forward, and if you are already intrigued, don't be shy to contact me so we can figure out how we could work together.

Blog of the Month:

This week we’ve got another one of my this” VERSUS “that posts, but I’m trying out the “>” (greater than) sign instead of the “Vs”.

I find contrasting two opposing ideas or viewpoints perfectly conducive to this blog format, so I continually return to it.  

There’s a certain satisfaction in starting with one aspect of something and then immediately looking at the other side for confirmation of what you’ve learned, by seeing an opposing view.

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Quote of the month:


Outside link of the month:

From the: Successful Transgenerational Entrepreneurship Practices (STEP)

Multimedia Piece of the Month:
Crafting Solutions to Conflict

Episode Summary : Steve Legler, family legacy advisor, shares his insights as a facilitator, mediator, and coach.

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