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Tip of the Month:

No "BUTS" about it:

Something I learned a couple of years in coaching courses was to try to remove the word "but" from my vocabulary, and replace it with the word "and" instead.  It takes practice, but it is well worth it.  I mean, it takes practice AND it is well worth it.  The simple fact is that as soon as the person you are speaking with hears the "but", they almost cannot help going on the defensive and waiting for the bad news.  For example, "I love you and you are driving me crazy" is much different from "I love you but you are driving me crazy".  Maybe not the best example, AND maybe not the worst either.

What's new:

Next week I will be off to London UK for the annual Family Firm Institute conference.  I am overdue to visit London, since I was last there 40 years ago (and I hear it has changed a bit).  The FFI conference is a great event that allows like-minded people to share ideas on how we advisors can best help family owned companies get through their unique challenges.  I really got a lot out of last year's event in Washington, and am also looking forward to 2016 in Miami.

Blog of the Month:

One Size Fits Most


Outside link of the month:

This article from Harvard Business Review is worth your time:

Making Better Decisions in your Family Business



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