Shift Your Family Business                                                                                                     January 2016
Tip of the Month:
Work on Understanding Different Perspectives:
Try looking at things from your children's perspective, and ask them to try to look at things from yours. 
Talk about subjects where your family and your business (or family wealth) overlap, and tell your kids what assumptions you are making about what you think they want, and ask them what they think that you want.
You will surely learn some things that you did not know before, and everyone will learn to understand each other just a little bit better.

What's new:

I am glad that I have my Nexus Card to help me cross the border more easily.  I have two great trips to Vermont upcoming:
1. January: I will be one of the judges at the Global Family Enterprise Case CompetitionThis will be my third year as a judge, and I really enjoyed the first two. If you are interested, check out the blogs I wrote after my first two experiences:
                2015 blog:  University Case Competition: Family Business Style
                2014 blog:  World’s Only Family Business Case Competition
2. February: I will be one of the presenters at: The 20th Annual VT Symposium on Bowen Theory  I attended and really enjoyed last year's edition, and this year I get a turn at the front of the room.  If you are at all curious about Family Systems Theory, as pioneered by Dr. Murray Bowen, I hope you can join us.

Blog of the Month:

Life Is Finite. Deal with It.

Outside link of the month:

Steve Legler
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