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Well it's November again, already. Where has the year gone, (again)?  This is the time of year that thoughts turn to planning for the holidays, and hopefully some plans to have more family members around this year will be possible, especially compared with the past couple of holiday seasons.  So, what do I need to do now to make sure our family Holidays go well?

Well besides the gifts and the cooking, my thoughts turn to planning for just spending time together and hopefully talking about subjects that don't come up as often as they should.  How can we show family members how much we care about them and want good things for them, without seeming to be directing them into places that we want for them, which may make those places less attractive to them?  All part of being a family. Hopefully you'll be able to pull some of these off this year!

What's New:

FFI Fellow
At the recent FFI  conference in Boston, I was made a "Fellow of the Family Firm Institute". It is indeed an honour to have been admitted to this esteemed group of professionals who serve family enterprises around the world.
Share the Warmth
I began volunteering at this Montreal charity in late 2009, and have served on the Board of Directors for the past 4 years. A few weeks ago, I was named Chairman of the Board, which is a huge responsibility that I take to heart. I am grateful to my wonderful group of fellow board members, many of whom I recruited over the past few years, for the honour and for their support.

Blog of the Month:

Should I Join My Family Business?

A Big Question, Well Worth Considering

Given the number of family businesses out there, you’d think that the question in the title of this post is pretty common.

Unfortunately, it is not asked nearly as often as it should be, at least not out loud.

That model from Tagiuri and Davis has been around for over 40 years now, and many people have commented on it, tried to modify it, added circles, changed the sizes of the circles, turned the circles into spheres, etc.

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Classic Blog of the Month:

5 Ways FamBiz Rising Gens Can Prepare

People in and around family businesses everywhere spend lots of time worrying about the rising generation of the family, wondering if and when they’ll ever be “ready” to take over from their parents.

There are as many variations of the situation as there are families and businesses, but there are some things that many have in common.

Those who are not content to just “wait their turn” can do a lot more than simply “be patient”.

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Outside link of the month:

From HBR, a very thoughtful article from colleague Josh Baron:

Merit or Inherit: How to Approach Succession in a Family Business

Multimedia Piece of the Month:
The latest episode of the Let's Talk Family Enterprise Podcast , where I interviewed Dr. Peter Jaskiewicz, author of Enabling Next Generation Legacies:

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