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I've been thinking about all of the types of non-financial capital that exist in a family, like Intellectual capital, Social capital, and Human capital, and also lamenting the fact that so many families concentrate way too much on financial success, at the expense of making sure that all family members have a chance to maximize the other forms.
This is especially true of the rising generation family members, where there's likely a great deal of unexploited potential that's just waiting to be nurtured and grown.
The key is to encourage everyone to find their own best ways of developing into the best and most productive adults they can become.  And no, not all of them are well suited for working in your family business, and that's OK too.

What's New:

I was recently asked to contribute to a relatively new website called 
I decided to write my first piece for them based on the positions I occupy in various groups that serve the family office / family wealth space, and share the variety of peer organizations and the opportunities for collaboration that they offer.

Blog of the Month:

Can You See What I See?

As someone who works with enterprising families as an outsider, there are naturally disadvantages to not being part of the inner circle, and a lot of work always goes into trying to play catch-up.

However, for every disadvantage there are always (yes, always, if you look hard enough) advantages too.

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Outside link of the month:

I came across this piece and found it a bit scary, so I thought I'd share it here:

Multimedia Piece of the Month:

Recycling this podcast from 2019 that coincided with the launch of Interdependent Wealth:

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