August 2015
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Tip of the Month:  Is an Ethical Will for You?
Not everyone is ready to share the contents of their will with their heirs, even though there are lots of good reasons to do so.  

One thing that you can do instead, is to look at writing or recording an "ethical will", which is not a legal document, but which gives your heirs some 
ideas of your hopes and expectations on how you would like them to continue your legacy.
And, no, creating this document will NOT invite an early death.  
In fact, it will likely enhance the many remaining years of your life, while clarifying lots of family uncertainty.
If you are intrigued, just Google "ethical will" and you will discover all kinds of resources to get you started. 

What's new:

Since the July newsletter, I have been to the annual Rendez-Vous of the Purposeful Planning Institute in Colorado, as well as BDO SuccessCare's four-day Most Trusted Advisor course in Toronto.  

Both were fantastic and useful, and they also allowed me to spend a great weekend in Chicago in between.  Ten nights in a row on the road, in 6 different hotels was not ideal, but it worked.
If you would like to know more about either one or both, let me know, and we can surely arrange a time for a phone call.
Meantime, as usual I keep blogging about the places I go and what I learn, so be sure to check out the blog too.

Blog of the Month:

Planning your Dreams and Dreaming about Plans


Outside link of the month:

Last month I linked a PwC study on Family Business, and so this month I am following up with another global report, this time from Baker-Tilly.
Download this report!


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Steve Legler
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