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As parents, we spend lots of time thinking about getting our kids to do what we think is best for them.  Telling them what they should do works well when they are very young, but soon begins to backfire as often as it helps, as they get older.  At some point, usually at an age much younger than we hoped, it is best to let them figure things out for themselves.
Ultimately, a parent is responsible TO their child for certain things, but we are no longer responsible FOR them once they are adults.
Now, if you are more focussed on creating the next CEO of the family enterprise than on developing a thriving successful adult, prepared to take on the world as a productive member of society, then we probably have deeper issues to discuss...

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For Newsletter subscribers only, I am pre-releasing a couple of "who is Steve Legler" videos I had made that will eventually be added to my websites.  

FFI Practitioner Article  (Published Feb 15, 2017) 
Getting Everybody on the Same Page (By Getting EveryTHING on One Page)

Blog of the Month:

A Very Sticky Baton Indeed!
There was plenty of attention on Queen Elizabeth this week, celebrating her sapphire anniversary on the throne. I laughed to myself, thinking about Prince Charles and how he must feel. “Mummy, when do I get my turn?”  Read more >

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From EY:
Strong governance builds a legacy for generations to come
You started this business 20 years ago, thrived at times, battled through recessions and setbacks, and today it is larger and more successful than you dreamed. You are looking for the next stage of growth, and you would like to get your heirs involved in leadership... Read more >

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