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Bring art into your life.

"When day comes we ask ourselves,
where can we find light in this never-ending shade?",
 with these words, young Poet laureate Amanda Gorman started the poem that she delivered with gusto at President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris's inauguration ceremony.
And light we find by listening to Gorman's exhilarating verses. 
In 2021, I invite you to turn to art for solace and inspiration, for beauty and hope. 
Our mission at Partner in Art is to facilitate art sourcing, acquisition and placement for our clients as well as advise on collection management, because we believe that art not only transforms and activates spaces but living with art is empowering and brings joy and delight. 
In this month newsletter, I am highlighting a couple of gallery shows that are well worth seeing. In my "On Collecting" column, I go over everything you need to know about understanding and collecting sculpture and feature Austrian sculptor Erwin Wurm's practice.
I hope you will enjoy this newsletter as much as I have enjoyed putting the content together, and that you will find reading it inspiring. 
I would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact me at
Wishing you a Happy and Healthy 2021!

Highlights from the Art World

Gallery Exhibitions

While the specter of Covid 19 continues to loom large over all our lives, Galleries in New York City have continued to provide exceptional quality exhibitions and the much needed culture and inspiration.
If you happen to be in New York, here are a 2 of my favorite shows. While dramatically different in style, both have captured my attention and imagination!

- Helmut Federle "Basics on Composition" at Peter Blum Gallery.  This show features a series of small works by Federle, a well known Swiss born artist living in Austria, whose paintings are rarely seen in the United States. The artist is known for works that sit somewhere in between pure geometric abstraction and painterly abstraction. You are in for a treat. The show is up until mid-March. 
- Hugo McCloud "Burdended" at Sean Kelly Gallery. The opening of this show was highly anticipated and McCloud did not disappoint. The show includes a series a mostly large works, made by the artist during the pandemic, using single use plastic as both his palette and his medium and exploring current theme like mass migration, poverty and the environment. The story the artist tells is compelling and the execution masterful. McCloud is clearly a virtuoso and an artist that will continue to surprise us. The show is up until the end of February.
Hugo McClout, Bundled Truth, 2020, single use plastic mounted on panel

On collecting: Sculptures

Most first time collectors tend to overlook sculptures when buying art in favor of painting or photography. However three dimensional works, whereas free standing sculptures or wall sculptures are a great addition to any art collection. There is nothing that I love more than contemporary sculpture, with its range of style, medium and scale.
Rooted in ancient Greece and Rome, sculpture went through a radical transformation in the 20th century. Up until the 1960's, most sculptures were representational, often meant to honor and celebrate the rich and powerful. Contemporary artists have definitely broken with that tradition.
We are all used to seeing sculptures in public settings, as most major cities have embrace public art as a way to engage with the community, beautify public spaces and help drive economic vitality. Think about Anish Kapoor "Cloud Gate" in Chicago, or Louise Bourgeois' giant steel spider outside the Tate Modern in London. But sculptures do not only belong in the public realm.
In private collections, sculptures bring a different visual experience, a different perspective.
Here are the things you need to know before buying and collecting contemporary sculptures:
  • Pay attention to the material used and how you respond to it. More often than not, the material itself elicit an emotional response from the viewer. Contemporary sculpture comes a many different materials from wood, clay, bronze, resin, metal, recycled materials and more.
  • To a certain extend, the material used will inform the price of the artwork. Bronze and Marble command a higher price point than recycled materials like plastic.
  • Find out if the sculpture is part of a limited edition series. Like photography and works on paper, sculptures can come in limited editions. The smaller the edition the better. Make sure the edition is  clearly numbered. This is especially true for works in bronze. 
  • Find out how the work was made: was it made by the artist? His studio assistants? A foundry? 3D printer? a print shop? The more information you can gather the better it is to make an informed decision.
Mel Kendrick, Red Holes 2, mahogany and red japan color.

Spotlight: Sculptor Erwin Wurm

One of my favorite Contemporary Sculptor is Austrian artist Erwin Wurm. I like his offbeat humor, his clever tongue-in-cheek minute sculptures and his surrealist vision of the world. In Wurm's absurd world, objects are anthropomorphized; cars are "obese", houses "skinny, pickles and bags have legs. Wurm never seems to run out of ideas and turns on its head any preconceived notion we might have. 
For the "One Minutes Sculptures" Wurm gives written or drawn instructions to participants that indicate actions or poses to perform with everyday objects such as chairs, buckets, fruit, or brooms. These "sculptures" are meant to be ephemeral and are as much about the performance as the process. Wurm sculptures are in the permanent collections of most major museums around the world, including the Guggenheim Museum and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Erwin Wurm, Yes Biological, Lehman Maupin Gallery, New York

Must Read

In the News: Will in person art fairs make a comeback in 2021? Frieze Art Fair recently announced that it is planning to hold Frieze New York in May at the Shed in Hudson Yard. This pared down edition of Frieze New York will feel more like a regional art fair, with much less galleries than the usual 200 + galleries Frieze was hosting under giant football field size tents at Randall Island.  Maybe a welcome change? Read more in ARTnews

Augmented Reality Experience:  The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has partnered with Verizon to create a new platform that allows viewers to experience and visit the MET virtually through augmented reality. To experience for yourself, go to the on you phone and scan the QR code. 
Personally, I was disappointed!  You can also read about the experience in this artnet news article. Read more

On Collecting: 

Is 2021 the year you are going to buy art? Do you have a wish list? A goal in mind? Like everything else in life, in order to make it happen, you need to be intentional, have a plan and seek advice from an expert if needed. First off, start with a budget. For the rest, I will take care of it! I can help you source art that fits your aesthetic, space and budget. Let's talk about art. Schedule your free art consultation today! 

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