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Artists are the legislators of possibility and the parliamentarians of hope", artist Hank Willis Thomas remarks in a recent ARTnews Live interview. As we look back at 2020 and the pandemic as the great disruptor that forced us to think creatively about all aspects of our lives, I like to think that artists, like Hank Willis Thomas, have a major role to play in reshaping the public discourse and challenging the status quo. 2020 has shown us that there is no path forward unless we are willing to change, innovate and think creatively. We can choose to cling on to our old prejudices and antiquated ways, or we can innovate. Artists are the ultimate innovators and if we are willing to take our cues from them, they can help us carve a better path forward. Ultimately, we have all been challenged and called to think more like artists. 

In this month newsletter, I am highlighting two emerging artists that I have discovered and loved in 2020 as well as a couple of engaging gallery exhibitions that have provided the necessary escape. And because 2020 is the year we all have rediscovered the extraordinary power of art to heal, I am also featuring a nonprofit RxART. 
I hope you will enjoy this newsletter as much as I have enjoyed putting the content together, and that you will find reading it inspiring.
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Wishing you Happy Holidays and all the very best for 2021!

Highlights from the Art World

Gallery Exhibitions
"Galleries are my way of knowing the world" says New York art critic Jerry Saltz. It is mine too. Not only do I take great pleasure in looking at art, but I like how art sustains our imagination, ignites our curiosity and opens the door to a bigger and more inclusive world. Art is my lifeline.
This month, I am highlighting 2 exhibitions, that have captured my imagination and provided the necessary escape.
  • Yinka Shonibare CBE: Earth KIds at James Cohan Gallery.  Shonibare is a British-Nigerian artist known for his sculptural installations using brightly colored African batik fabric and exploring issues of race, identity and post-colonialism. "Earth Kids" is a series of sculptures representing kids as "symbol of hope for the future" as "the next generation fighting for climate justice". Exhibition is up until January, 23, 2021.
  • Julio Le Parc, Color and Colors at Perrotin Gallery in New York City. This is an exceptional retrospective of Franco-Argentinian artist Julio Le Parc whose work is rarely seen in the United States. Le Parc geometric abstraction paintings and sculptures are an exploration of light, color and visual perception and how they activate the space they are in and the viewer. The artist inscribes himself in the long tradition of Latin American Kinetic art. Not to be missed. Show is up until December 23, 2020.
Julio Le Parc, "Color and Colors" exhibition, Perrotin Gallery, New York

On collecting: spotlight on two emerging artists

I love discovering new artists; the sensation of looking at a work of art and feeling that I have stumbled upon a fresh new voice. I am highlighting for this month newsletter two emerging artists whose work I have revisited in my mind many times and who I will continue to watch in 2021.
  • Walter Price: the artist had a breakthrough debut solo exhibition in the fall at Greene Naftali Gallery in New York; a show that the New York Times art critic Roberta Smith dub the "most exciting painting show in Chelsea". What is most compelling is the artist mastery at blending painterly abstraction with representation, gestural painting with cartoon like images and figures and exuberant colors. Definitely an artist to watch.
  • Coady Brown: the artist graduated from Yale, with an MFA in Painting and Print Making in 2016 and had her first solo show at 1969 Gallery in 2019. Check exhibitions images from the artist's show earlier this year at Art Los Angeles Contemporary. Brown's distorted bodies, with exaggerated proportions and dressed in bright patterned fabric feel truly original and have definitely stayed with me. I am left wanting to see more. Definitely an artist to watch in 2021!
TIPS: As an art advisor, here are a few things I look at to assess works of art. While there is no right or wrong way to collect art, how you assess and evaluate works of art will ensure that you pay a fair price for a quality works of art and end up spending your money wisely.
  • Artists career: galleries, museums or institutions where the artist has exhibited; where did the artist study; awards, prizes, residency and recognition the artist has received; publications that reference the artist and the artist work; public or private collections who owns the artist's work. All this information is usually readily available online through the artist's website or on the gallery website. 
  • Importance of the artist's work: this is of course more subjective, yet the more you look at art the more you will get a good understanding of what is "original" and not “derivative”. There is nothing more thrilling than to encounter a "new voice", an artist that is telling a story in a way that has not already been told or telling it in a different way.
Walter PricePearl Lines, Greene Naftali Gallery, New York

Spotlight: RxART and Founder Diane Brown

"My only way out, was to imagine, imagine a painting, and before I knew it, it was over", recount Diane Brown, founder and president of RxART of her experience many years ago while having to overcome the fear of getting a CAT scan. What she had experienced and felt then, she wanted to recreate for others. This experience gave Diane Brown the impulsion to found RxART, a nonprofit organization that commissions and installs works of art in major hospitals all over the United States and now Canada.
"Art get patients to look at and think about something else other than their illness; it creates conversation, relax them" says Brown and ultimately help them heal.
Brown who was an art dealer and gallerist in Washington, DC founded RxART in the early 2000s. Over the year, RxART has collaborated and worked with a long list of well-known contemporary artists from Anne Craven, Jonas Wood, Derrick Adams and Tadashi Murakami; to install site specific works of art and truly transform what are otherwise sterile and unwelcoming entire Hospital pediatric wings with art that is both engaging and uplifting.  
One of RxArt's latest collaboration is with artist Nicolas Party who was commissioned to create a 207-foot mural for a corridor at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles. The installation will be unveiled in early 2021. 

Diane Brown, President of RxART in front of artist Nicolas Party's installation

Must Read

In the News: Are Virtual Art Fairs already a thing of the past? According to this artnet news article they are failing the New York' s art market and ultimately, the return on investment is not there for most galleries.  As for collectors they feel simply overwhelmed by the onslaught of online art offerings and more often than not rely on personal connections and interactions to buy art. Artnet news

Books:  If you did not get a chance to go see "Vida Americana: Mexican Muralists Remake American Art, 1925-1945" at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, I would highly recommend getting the exhibition catalog. Like the exhibition, the catalog is revelatory; part art history and American history. A must read. 


On Collecting: 

Do you have a wish list of artists you would like to collect in 2021? Let me know. Also taking interest for the following artists: Angel Otero, Hugo McCloud and The Haas Brothers. All are artists in high demand. I can alert you when works become available. That's one of the benefit of working with an art advisor. Looking forward to 2021!

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