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It's all the art world is talking about these days: NFTs. Are they here to stay? Will they disrupt the art world for good ? What about the environmental impact?
Or is it just another tech bubble? 
Beyond the hype, I have come to see the possibilities; the real life applications in the art world and how NFTs can bring about positive changes, for artists, collectors and the art world at large.
Brick-and-mortar galleries specializing in NFT art are popping up all over the United States. 
The Uffizi in Florence is now selling NFTs replica of its renaissance masterpieces as a way to raise funds to mitigate the impact of the pandemic. Instead of auctioning off works from their collections to raise funds, museums can now sell NFTs of masterpieces and diversify their source of revenue that way.
Ultimately, it is not solely what NFTs do to digital art that will revolutionize the art world, it is the Non Fungible Token itself, this digital certificate of authenticity (A.k.a. NFT) that provides a unique and clear proof of ownership and its many applications for all kind of art and artists that will.
NFTs can also revolutionize how art collectors track and store data about their art collection.
I strongly believe NFTs are here to stay and as an art advisor, whose mission is to facilitate art sourcing, acquisition and placement for my clients as well as advise on collection management, I feel it is important to be open to new possibilities. Art is as much a reflection of one's taste as it is a reflection of our times.
I hope you will find in this newsletter art and information that pick you interest. I'd love to hear from you. Let's talk!


Highlights from the Art World

Gallery Exhibitions

I love group shows. As much as solo exhibitions give collectors the opportunity to better appreciate and assess the depth and breath of an artist's work, group shows on the other hand are a wonderful way to sample art. Like mini art fairs, group shows are an invitation to discover new artists, a way to pick the viewer's interest; and to get a better feel for a gallery's aesthetic.
As New York City emerges from the pandemic, galleries have put together wonderful group shows this spring. Here are a few not to be missed:
  • "Field of Vision" at Peter Blum Gallery bring together a group of 5 artists, from emerging to more established, who play with organic shapes and color as a way to elicit an emotional response from the viewer. Not to be missed. The show is up until the end of July.
  • "Light" group show curated by artist Rico Gatson at Miles McEnery Gallery. To quote artist and curator Rico Gatson "“Light is energy, power, radiance, illumination, color, play, promise and hope. It’s transcendent. It’s the organizing force behind the exhibition which includes the work of twelve multidisciplinary artists." On view through June 19.
  • "The Phoenix and the Mountain", In-Centric Abstraction in the 80s curated by Choghakate Kazarian at Zurcher Gallery. "The Phoenix and the Mountain" refers to a series of paintings artist Regina Bogat made in the 80's when her husband, artist Alfred Jensen was dying. The show explore the theme of rebirth and renewal.  
To schedule a private or a small group gallery tour, contact Partner in Art. 
Field of Vision exhibition at Peter Blum Gallery 
On collecting:
Everything you need to know about insuring your art collection

Insuring you art collection should not be an afterthought. After all, you have invested time and money to built a collection you love; it deserves to be insured at its true value.
To demystify insuring art, I talked to Kate Buchanan, a leading expert in Fine Art insurance and Senior Vice-President at Risk Strategies; a national insurance brokerage firm.
The good news is that insuring art is not all that expansive, if you compare it with jewelry. 
Besides, your entire private art collection can easily be listed and covered under your homeowner insurance policy. Of course, not all homeowner insurance policies are created equal. That's were you need to seek expert advice from a broker like Buchanan or talk to your art advisor. 
Here are highlights from our conversation:

  • The first thing you need to do is keep good documentation of the art you buy and collect ( proof of ownership, copy of invoice, lots of photos, condition report, etc)
  • Most art collectors don’t need to subscribe to a stand alone art insurance policy but can instead cover their art under their homeowner insurance policy. Art collectors have the choice between blanket coverage or scheduled coverage or a combination of both. This is something you can discuss with a broker.
  • Selecting the right insurance company is also key. Not all insurance companies have the level of expertise required to insure fine art and settle fine art claims. Best case scenario you work with a broker that can advocate for you and help settle claims. It’s the ability of the insurance company to settle the claim that makes all the difference.
  • The majority of claims are associated with shipping and transporting the work. As an art collector, make sure to list the artwork on your insurance policy right at the time of purchase so that it is covered in transit. Artworks are most vulnerable in transit.
  • It is important to insure works of art at their true value; and monitor your collection for change in value over time. How often you need to reassess your collection depends on the type of art and insurance you have. Collectors might choose to have only the top most valuable artworks in their collection reappraised periodically. You can seek advice from your art advisor and your insurance broker about the matter.

In conversation with expert Kate Buchanan
Emerging Artist Spotlight: Beverly Acha
I recently discovered artist Beverly Acha's work at a group show at LatchKey Gallery on Canal Street.
I loved what I saw, which made me want to learn more about the artist, her practice and artistic vision. I had since the pleasure to do a virtual studio visit with the artist. 
With her pantings, Acha speaks to the notion of place, both physical and spiritual, of shifting perspectives; and her need to make sense of conflicting realities and bring some clarity and resolution to the tension. "My work is very much about perceived reality, which is irregular, intangible, and constantly shifting", says Acha. The artist captures these shifting realities through color and light.
Beverly Acha holds an MFA in painting and printmaking from Yale University School of Art and has participated in multiple artists residency and exhibited nationally.
Beverly Acha is definitely an artist to watch.

To learn more about the artist and to find out about available works, contact Partner in Art
Beverly Acha, Duplicacion, 2019, oil on canvas, 17" x 16"

Must Read

In the News
What a difference a year makes. Artist Sanford Biggers recently installed a 25-foot-tall bronze sculpture, titled Oracle in front of Rockefeller Center’s Fifth Avenue entrance. Unveiled in early May, the work depicts a person or deity with an enormous head who sits majestically on a throne. By merging African masks and European figures, the artist challenges the viewer's preconceptions about public sculptures and public monuments. Read more in artnet news.

Documentary: The Savior for Sale
Whatever happened to the painting Salvator Mundi, that sold at Christie’s in 2017 for $450 million and has never been seen again? Its whereabouts are in question. Switzerland? MBS’ Yacht? In a new documentary that has aired on French television, The Savior for Sale, anonymous sources make the claims that the Louvre questioned the attribution of the painting to Leonardo Da Vinci. Did Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince MBS unknowingly buy a painting loosely attributed to Leonardo Da Vinci? We will probably never know. Read more in The Art Newspaper

On Collecting: 

Did you know that Partner in Art is a full service art advisory firm with offerings along the entire art collecting spectrum? Partner in Art facilitates art sourcing, acquisition and placement as well as advise its clients on framing, handling, insurance, restoration and conservation, curation, appraisal and deaccessioning. Let's talk! Schedule your art consultation today! 

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