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Are you itching to travel? I know I am. This year, I was looking forward to going to Zona Maco, the Contemporary Art Fair in Mexico City. While I won't be going to Mexico City, I am inviting you to go on a journey with me and discover artists and exhibitions that made we travel vicariously, discover new places and horizons and find beauty and inspiration.

I founded Partner in Art, a boutique art advisory firm, out of a deep-seated conviction that, with proper guidance, anyone can collect and buy art. Over the years, I have placed hundreds of works of art in private collections for all sorts of clients and have witnessed time and time again how living with art, that truly resonates with one's aesthetic, is transformative. Knowing how to navigate the art market, evaluate and negotiate prices, analyze trends takes time and expertise. Only when making an educated decision can clients fully enjoy the art they own.

I invite you to visit my newly redesigned website to learn more about Partner in Art and the services we offer. I hope you will find in this newsletter art and artists that resonate with you; works that pick your interest and inspire you.
Let's talk! For all inquiries contact me at I would love to hear from you!


Highlights from the Art World

Gallery Exhibitions

As much as I have missed traveling, going to art fairs, mingling with artists, gallerists and other art professionals, I have come to embrace the online viewing rooms, not as substitute but as complement to the in person interaction with art. More often than not, OVR have left me cold and a little numb, but on occasions, I have felt inspired. Here are two shows, that I have only seen online, and that I would love to see in person. Grant it, these are shows by artists whose work I have seen before, which means I already have a good understanding of what I am looking at. 

- Ivan Navarro "Planetarium" at Galerie Templon in Paris. Navarro, who was born in Chile and now lives and works in New York, is known for his light sculptures. He uses light and mirror as his medium to create optical illusions and challenge the viewer. This show features a series of smaller works by Ivan Navarro that are especially accomplished and draw the viewer in. Enjoy exploring this beautiful viewing room. You are in for a treat. 

- Juan Usle, "Eye and Landscape" at the Bombas Gens Centre D'Art in Valencia, Spain, is a retrospective of the artist's works over 3 decades. Usle, one of Spain's most prominent contemporary artist, is known for his abstract paintings where repetitive patterns and expressive brushstrokes coexist effortlessly. 
Juan Usle was born in Spain and now split his time between New York City and Saro, Spain.
I enjoyed discovering this new exhibition space in the heart of Valencia, Spain. Definitely on my list of places to visit when the borders reopen.  
Ivan Navarro, Constellation (North), 2020
Hand-painted mirror, LED light, wood, aluminum, glass paint, glass, mirror, one-way mirror and electric energy, 48"× 48" × 6",  Edition of 3 + 1 AP

On collecting: Abstract Photography
You love photography but you are not drawn to representational works of art. Have you considered abstract photography? 
Here is why I think abstract photography is well worth exploring:
  • By and large, photography is a more affordable medium than say painting, with as few notable exceptions like Cindy Sherman.
  • Abstract photographic prints are usually unique, whereas traditionally photographs come in multiple editions. 
  • You can find beautiful and unique photographic prints for 10K or under. 
Artists Partner in Art invites you to discover: 
  • Rey Parla: Parla, a Cuban-American artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, is known for his geometric chromogenic prints. To create his photographic abstractions, Parla explains that he scratches, paints on, and collages images;  layers and destroys pieces of film; which he ultimately processes into unique prints. 
  • Bryan Graf: Aesthetically very different from Parla, Graf utilizes a combination of techniques and materials to create colorful prints that evoke the natural world, often transforming images of trees, plants and wildlife. The artist, an experimental photographer, lives and works in New Jersey.
Both artists have widely exhibited their works. For all inquiries, contact Partner in Art
Rey Parla, Real Instantaneous Perceptive Design,
Chromogenic print, Unique, 57" x 47" 
Spotlight: Los Carpinteros
Los Carpinteros is a Cuban artist collective founded in Havana in the 90's by 3 artists: Marco Castillo, Dagoberto Rodriguez and Alexandre Arrechea. While the group disbanded in 2019, all 3 artists pursue very successful solo careers and have shown their works extensively.
While Los Carpinteros' work is not broadly known from the larger public, these artists have shown unparalleled craftsmanship, merging architectural forms, design and sculpture in unexpected ways. They explore with their works the relationship between the functional and the non-functional, between art and society, and subjects all too familiar to Cuban Exiles like surveillance, disinformation, prohibition and subjection.
Museums, galleries and collectors across the US are finally paying attention as they are broadening their representation of Latin American, Latinx, and Caribbean artists.
For all inquiries, contact Partner in Art
Alexandre Arrechea, Los Carpinteros art collective co-founder,
Artist studio tour, Miami, Florida

Must Read

In the News: Is Crypto Art here to stay? Christie's will sell the first fully digital work of art in what the auction house sees as a test for the "Crypto Art" market. The artwork in question is a Non Fungible Token (NFT) based work created by the digital art superstar known as Beeple. Beeple's artworks are authenticated by a unique digital token (NFT) encrypted with the artist's signature and individually identified on a blockchain. This is brand new territory for Christie's and the art market. Starting bid is $100. Crypto currencies are welcomed! Read more in ARTnews

Book I can't wait to read: "Fierce Poise: Helen Frankenthaler and the 1950s New York" by Alexander Nemerov. This new biography of Helen Frankenthaler shines a light on the artist's early artistic career as she comes of age in the 1950s in a male-dominated art world. Helen Frankenthaler is regarded as a major figure of the American post-war abstract expressionist movement along with Joan Mitchell and their male counterparts like Jackson Pollock and William De Kooning.

On Collecting: 
Anyone can collect art! I AM HERE TO HELP YOU navigate the art market, evaluate and negotiate prices, analyze trends and make the art buying experience enjoyable, educational and fun! Only when making an educated decision can clients fully enjoy the art that they own!
How can I help you? Let's talk. Schedule you free art consultation today. 

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