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May 2017
The LSCB Multi-agency Training Programme 2017 - 18 is out now and courses are available to book on the Brighton & Hove Learning Gateway  

Our three core safeguarding courses: Developing a Core Understanding, Assessment Referral & Investigation, and Child Protection Conferences and Core Groups, will be running throughout the year and please see below for upcoming training and events. 

New Front Door for Families:
Changes to the MASH, Family Information Service and Early Help Hub

From Monday 15 May 2017 the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH), Early Help Hub and Family Information Service will form the new Brighton & Hove Front Door for Families. You can contact the team on the old MASH telephone number, 01273 290400 to request support or report a concern about a child, or fill out the Online Referral Form. They can also be e-mailed at which replaces the MASH email address as a single point of access - please update your address book. 

The Front Door For Families (FDFF) service is made up of professionals with different areas of expertise who work together to assess, decide and coordinate how best to support children, young people and their families where there are concerns. The FDFF includes:
  • Referral Officers who receive your calls, accept e-mails and on line notifications and can provide information, advice and guidance.
  • Social Workers - assess the needs or concerns raised about a child or young person.
  • Police Officers - assess information and notifications about children and young people coming to the attention of the Police.
  • Health Visitors - advise on the developmental needs of children with additional needs that are referred to the FDFF to ensure they receive the most appropriate support.
  • Education Safeguarding Officers - advise schools where there are safeguarding needs identified for a child.
  • Family Coach’s – triage contacts that meet the threshold for targeted Early Help and Parenting Support and will assist partner agencies in setting up Team Around the Family meetings and plans.
  • Family Information Service - provide information and advice, through their on line directory and Family Support Officers about access to childcare, access to support services and access to employment.
For more information on the Front Door for Families please visit  
Friday 19 May 2017: 9.30-4.30pm

Harmful Practices: Forced Marriage and so called ‘honour’ based violence

This training, from the Safe in the City Partnership, will explore the definitions of forced marriage and so called ‘honour’ based violence, increase awareness of how to respond to cases of forced marriage and the key procedures that should be followed if risk is identified. Attendees will also explore recommendations and guidelines produced for practitioners by the Forced Marriage Unit (FMU) and how to implement them in their practice. The session will increase knowledge of Brighton & Hove’s approach towards harmful practices, highlight local and national services and how to refer to these services appropriately. These forms of violence and abuse will also be contextualised within a wider context of Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG).

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Wednesday 7 June 2017: 9.30-4.30pm

Child Neglect

This course will broaden participants’ understanding of child neglect, and provide an opportunity to explore local multi-agency responses to child neglect through scenarios and discussion, helping practitioners identify individual learning about child neglect and multi-agency working, whilst identifying what aspects of the system help and hinder good practice

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Friday 9 June 2017: 10am - 1pm

Harmful Practices: Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) - Basic Awareness

This training, from the Safe in the City Partnership, will explore the definitions and practices associated with female genital mutilation (FGM), including the various forms and  cultural background to the practice. It will explore the physical and psychological impact FGM will have on a woman's wellbeing, both as a historic victim, and as someone who has recently, or soon to experience the practice. These forms of violence and abuse will also be contextualised within a wider context of Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG).  
Wednesday 14 June 2017: 9.30-4.30pm

Mental Health & Children’s Services Working Together with Families

This course brings together staff working in adult mental health services with children’s service’s staff to explore the way parental mental health difficulties can impact on the lives of children and young people. The session explores how they can work together to create better outcomes for families.

The aim is to promote effective working together across agencies when working with families where a parent or carer has a mental health problem.

By the end of this course you will:

  • understanding of the roles of professionals in other specialist area, what they do & what they provide
  • consider ways in which parental mental ill health and parenting capacity interact
  • understand the potential effects of mental health difficulties for children
  • explore how to plan and undertake assessments & interventions in families where a parent or young person has a mental health difficulty 
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NEW COURSE: Thursday 15 June 2017: 9.30-4.30pm

The Child’s World: Reflections in Practice 

This training will help those professionals who talk to children and young people during the course of an assessment or child protection investigation develop and enhance their communication skills, centred on the views of the child or young person. The session will involve a young care leaver discussing how different kinds of communication impacted on their interaction with safeguarding professionals

At the end of this course participants will:

  • understand of the importance of listening to children and young people, including the relevant legislative and policy context.
  • be able to consider the issues children and young people may need to communicate to professionals and the different styles they might use to do so.
  • recognise the barriers to children and young people’s communication, including why they sometimes do not tell about abuse.
  • be aware of and appreciate the impact of their own communication styles and responses upon children and young people.
  • improved their skills to assist their communication with children and young people
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Tuesday 27 June 2017: 9.30-4.30pm

Working with Parents with a Learning Disability

This workshop will raise awareness of how multi-agency work can help address issues that may cause potential risk or harm to the children cared for by parents with a learning disability. It will look at best practice when working with these families and the local support available

At the end of this course participants will:

  • have a better understanding of cognitive assessments and understanding differences between a learning disability and difficulty.
  • be aware of the challenges faced by parents with learning disabilities and their children, as well as protective factors.
  • be able to demonstrate good practice when engaging and communicating with parents who have a learning disability, including advocacy services.
  • know referral pathways to specialist services and interventions (including PAMS) that can support parents and their children.
  • Understand what is required when working with families in a child in need and child protection context.
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Thursday 29 June 2017: 9.30-4.30pm

Preventing & Disrupting the Sexual Exploitation of Children & Young People 

Presented by The WiSE Project, this session will help you 

  • Understand the sexual exploitation of children and young people and places a young person at risk.
  • Gain knowledge of prevalence and forms of young people’s sexual exploitation in Brighton & Hove.
  • Recognise vulnerabilities and risk indicators.
  • How to get support for young people who are exploited.
  • Be aware of Sexual Offences Act 2003 and other relevant legislation and guidance.

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Tuesday 4 July 2017: 9.30-4.30pm

The Impact of Parental Substance Misuse     

Some of the serious effects of parental substance misuse for children include abuse, neglect, emotional problems, educational difficulties, being young carers of parents or siblings, and an increased risk of misusing drugs or alcohol themselves.

This course is included within the training programme as it clearly highlights these issues facing children and young people who live within the households where substance misuse is an issue. You will learn about what agency services are available to support the whole family, thus reducing or removing the potential risk/s of abuse.

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Tuesday 11 July 2017: 9.30-4.30pm

Child Sexual Exploitation: Working with Young People at Risk     

Presented by The WiSE Project, this is the second of our CSE training days, following on from Preventing & Disrupting the Sexual Exploitation of Children & Young People. This session will build on the basic CSE awareness and provide workers with the confidence and skills to work with young people around issues relating to CSE and explore ways of working directly with young people in more detail. There is also an enhanced focus on on-line safety and police disruption techniques as well as an outline of the local picture of CSE with reference to serious case review recommendations.

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NEW COURSE Thursday 14 September 2017: 9.30am-1pm
Safeguarding in a Digital Age - A Practical Guide to Keeping Children Safe 

This half day course will equip you with information and practical safeguarding guidance to help safeguard children and young people in the digital age. It will help you understand how they communicate on the internet and through apps, how offenders may exploit this and other risks, and what steps parents/carers can take to prevent  online abuse and exploitation. Participants will also learn different sources of support from which they/children can seek information and advice. This course is run is association with Safety Net.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:
  • consider the different ways that children & young people interact online, and appreciate the positive aspects of this digital communication as well as being aware of the risks
  • understand how offenders may use the internet to target or exploit children & young people
  • discuss the potential connection between ease of access to inappropriate material online and violent crime, including a rise in the number of young people committing serious sexual offences. Consider how we can challenge the normalisation of this behaviour online. 
  • learn practical steps to protect children on the internet
  • explain security steps that can be used and their benefits and limitations, including parental settings, firewalls and privacy settings
  • identify other organisations to support children/parents around internet use
  • recognise how we can work together to support children & young people to have a positive online presence, build their resilience to face the different challenges in a digital age, and stay safe both online and off. 

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20 / 26 / 27 / 29 / 30 June 2017
Train the Trainer 

Would you like to add a training skill to your qualifications? Do you want to share your passion for safeguarding with other professionals? Then why not join the LSCB Training Pool. Our trainers come from a range of organisations across the city and deliver our multi agency training programme. The assorted skills and experience these professionals bring enhance face to face courses and are a great asset in the the development of new sessions and keeping our materials up to date. 

We are running a certified five day “Train the Trainers”  course to equip our new trainers with the necessary skills and confidence to deliver our training. You will need to be available on 20 / 26 /27 / 29 & 30 June, and need agreement from  your line manager that you can be  as there is an expectation that you will commit to delivering at least 3 days training per year and also attend the training pool meetings three times a year.

If you would like to discuss this opporuntiy please contact the LSCB Learning & Development Officer Dave Hunt at or call 01273 295993 for an informal chat. 
From our partners  

Young People, Parents & Carers
Open Evening

Tuesday 23 May 2017, 3pm-6pm
One Regency Road, Brighton, BN1 2RU
(just off West Street) 

Pop in to this open evening to meet staff, volunteers and service users and find out more about careers with young people, apprenticeship opportunities for all ages and information on Fostering and Adoption.

The event will be held at the Regency Road office where you can access a wealth of information on a range of services, including
  • Education and employment support
  • Under 18s substance misuse service
  • Victim Work
  • Family Therapy
  • Work with young people who offend
  • Youth crime prevention
  • Social work with adolescents
  • Music studio
  • Support to those at risk of exploitation
  • Information about applying to foster or adopt   
 There will also be delicious coffee, courtesy of Pro Baristas, and performances from Local Award winning freestyle rapper Gramski. Register to say you are attending on Eventbrite and we will look forward to meeting you there.

The Safe in the City Partnership have produced a Domestic Violence and Abuse, Sexual Violence and Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) Training Prospectus to make it easy for professionals in Brighton& Hove to access training around these crime types. Information on the training included in this prospectus, including upcoming training sessions, can be found at, and it can all be booked through the Brighton & Hove Learning Gateway 
2 June 2017- 1:30pm - 4:30pm

Domestic Violence & Abuse: Risk Identification, Initial Response and the MARAC Process

This half day workshop will give an overview of why we risk assess victims of domestic violence and abuse; the history, purpose and use of the Domestic Abuse Stalking Harassment and Honour Based Violence (DASH) Risk Identification Checklist (RIC). This will include reviewing how professionals can respond to disclosure, including the referral of high-risk cases to a Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) process.
5 June 2017 10am – 1pm
Sexual Violence: Responding to (first) Disclosure
This workshop will build an overview of how to initially respond to a disclosure of rape and sexual assault, explore the additional legal requirements and highlight local support in relation to adults. The session will include responding to disclosure, risk assessment if abuse is current and roles of local services such as the Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVAs) as well as the Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC). The session will also include information on historical rape and sexual abuse.
19 June 2017 10am – 1pm
Working with Romany, Gypsy and Traveller Communities affected by Domestic Violence and Abuse
This workshop has been designed to raise awareness of the prevalence of domestic abuse within the Romany, Gypsy and Traveller communities. The session will contain an overview of risk; including heightened risks for members of these communities, as well as additional barriers that community members may face when engaging with mainstream services, and ultimately the impact this may have on escalation of risk.

 at Brighton Fringe 2017

Following their success at the 2016 Fringe with GROOMED,which has now transferred to London for a 3 week run at the Soho Theatre, local charity Mankind are putting on two new shows this May:
Patrick Sandford returns with a follow up to GROOMED.  More a companion piece than a sequel, this newly commissioned production asks the question, ‘How do we know when we are happy?’ and presents an uplifting exploration of ways we can all transcend trauma, and learn to love life.
Click here for more info
After last years Fringe, Mankind were approached by local company Speak Up Act Out, to work on a piece around the difficulties male survivors have in being heard.  Based on true-life stories, BETWEEN YOU and ME is a new piece of exploratory theatre exposing the social stereotypes around male sexual abuse.
Click here for more info

Register for your place on Eventbrite or contact for more information
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