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Finally to Spring!

Let's turn our attention to early season Tree Care and other concerns in your home landscape.


Prune Winter Damage

With heavy snow fall can come physical winter damage on younger Trees.


Broken branches and splitting stems from the snow load can be easily pruned out! This is a greater concern for younger Trees that may have had snow piled up around or on top of them. Very rarely do Trees suffer from damage that causes death.

Bower & Branch has been receiving many inquiries about how to best prune damaged branching and if this is life threatening to the young Tree.

As soon as the snow melts away you can inspect your Tree closely and begin to prune out the damaged wood. Always cut back to the bud or node when possible. Bower & Branch 
recommends that you go ahead with pruning right now before leaves start to emerge - this gives you the clearest view for the required pruning.

For more detailed tips on pruning winter damage - click here to view our winter pruning video. For specific questions and concerns, please contact our growers -

Email us pictures and our growers will be able to answer your questions and concerns easily! We are also available to talk with you directly through online chat! 

Spring Fertilizer

Trees generally grow with a single flush of growth each spring followed by slower growth throughout the year. There is thought that nutrients should be made available in advance to the spring flush.

Here at Bower & Branch, our growers 
follow that same rule of thumb and our annual fertilizer applications for our Trees are made by mid-March. However, there is much more to fertilizing your Trees than you may know or even fertilizer companies may know today. Recent research is changing the way we should fertilize - we are discovering exciting relationships between plants and the soil we never knew existed before!

This is what we know today - there are sufficient nutrients in your soil right now today to feed your Trees and all plants for 10,000 years or more! The barrier to this plant food being available is within the 'soil web' and the communication process between your Tree and the soil web.

Great soils are alive with beneficial organisms of varying size and numbers. Your Trees speak to these living soil members to communicate what needs the Tree or plant may have currently.

Studying this natural system, we can then work to enhance the system and grow more beautiful, healthier and stronger plants of all kinds. This is exactly what our Fertilizer Element does - all natural, safe, organic and soil enhancing!

The days of irresponsible, ineffective, unnatural synthetic fertilizing are over. Applying the latest technology and research, Bower & Branch is now able to make, real, valuable, beneficial and practical recommendations for fertilizing at home.

Bower & Branch growers have figured out how to grow healthier Trees without artificial drugs or fertilizers. We can now empower our customers to have great landscapes and gardens without risk to children, pets, the environment and the plants. Bower & Branch Fertilizer Element is safe to use with no danger of burning or overuse. 

The best time to apply Bower & Branch Fertilizer Element is as soon as the soil is workable. Either apply dry or with water, the goal is to move the plant food and beneficial organisms into the root zone. More important than when is that you DO! You cannot do it wrong, you can only do it better!

Once the product is applied to your soil, the communication in the soil web is immediately enhanced and the flow of nutrients can begin.

Fertilize now through May in your landscape. You can continue to use the Bower & Branch Fertilizer Element all through the growing season for your vegetable and flower gardens as well.

Your job in fertilizing has now changed and has been made easier with our formulation of plant food plus soil web enhancement. 

Time to start feeding your plants and soil today!

Contact our growers at for more information or to find out where you can get Bower & Branch Fertilizer and Soil Enhancer.

A Tree for Life

Galaxy Magnolia is a fun plant with traffic-stopping hot pink flowers in spring. You'll be amazed when the fat, furry buds (which look and feel like big, soft Pussy Willow buds) burst open to release fragrant waterlily-like blossoms that can measure up to 10 inches across! Blooming along with Jane Magnolia and Butterflies Magnolia, Galaxy usually flowers late enough to escape damaging frosts. This vigorous and disease-resistant Magnolia tree was hybridized by the National Arboretum in Washington, D.C., so it's almost unpatriotic not to grow one! Plant this stunner by your front walkway, porch, patio, living room window, or any place you'd like to see some big-time drama in spring.

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