October 2015 Newsletter

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Our mission is to build community around food self-sufficiency.


Five Great Garden Tips

Encourage Leaf Growth, Homemade Greenhouse, & More!

  1. When you need to add calcium to the garden, grind up eggshells in the blender and scatter them in the soil for a calcium boost.  As a plus, snails don't like crawling on eggshells, so put them around your plants you want to protect from the snails too.
  2. Need a home greenhouse to start your seedlings?  Cut the top off a soda or water bottle and invert it like a dome over the seedlings to keep in moisture and humidity in their very own little greenhouse. 
  3. Pinch off the upper portions of your basil plant stems when they begin to flower to encourage new leaf growth.  This will keep the plant from getting old and woody and encourage the dormant leaf buds to grow in. Basil plants love this and keep producing more and more.
  4. Start your seedlings in eggshells.  They're freely available and full of calcium.  Line your egg carton with eggshells poke with a drainage hole, put soil in the shells, and plant your seeds.  When you transplant the starts, you can put the whole eggshell in the ground with the start. 
  5. Save the water you cook your vegetables in!  It's full of nutrients plants love.  After it cools to room temperature, use it to water your plants for a happy garden.

Get Your Own Garden Plot

Registrations Being Accepted for October Orientation

It's not too late to still get in on the organic gardening action.  We'd like to invite you to the new gardener orientation coming up in a couple of weeks.  It is a two part orientation held on the following days/times:
  • Part 1:  Thursday, October 1st from 2pm - 4pm
  • Part 2:  Thursday, October 8th from 3pm - 5 pm
There will be a limited number of plots made available.  If you are interested, please RSVP for more information on how to register so that we can hold a spot for you and send you directions to the meeting location.  Simply reply to this email or use our contact form.

We look forward to an opportunity to meet you soon!


Partner Spotlight

HandsOn Maui

Hāliimaile Community Garden is a proud partner agency with HandsOn Maui, County of Maui Volunteer Center both providing volunteer opportunities and participating in their annual formal volunteer recognition program. 

The vision of HandsOn Maui is that everyone in Maui County can contribute to and gain from volunteerism to meet community needs and build community vibrancy. As their mission, the County of Maui, Volunteer Center, mobilizes volunteers to meet community needs, builds capacities of organizations to effectively engage volunteers, and inspires support for community service.

Volunteer opportunities offered at Hāliimaile Community Garden range from garden labor to produce delivery.  Each year one outstanding volunteer is nominated by Hāliimaile Community Garden for the HandsOn Maui Volunteer Hero award.  The program provides formal recognition for one of our outstanding volunteers each year. 

Mahalo nui loa to HandsOn Maui for the service they provide to our community!

Visit the HandsOn Maui website to learn more about the program.

Native Plants


Photo courtesy of Forest and Kim Starr
Hawaiian Name:  `Ākia
Common Name: Fish poison plant
Botanical Name: Wikstromia uva-ursi
Family: Thymelaeaceae
Status: Endemic
Where Found: Kaua`i, O`ahu, Moloka`i, Maui
A popular landscape shrub that grows best in lowland or hot areas, but it will do well anywhere. Fruits can range from orange, red, or yellow. `Ākia bark was used as a source of fiber for ropes and has also been used to make kapa. Early Hawaiians used crushed plant parts in salt water ponds to stupefy fish to be gathered. The fruits can be used in lei.

Recipe of the Month

Whatever Greens Soup

Serves: 2Prep Time: 5 min
Cook Time: 10 min
3 cups chicken or vegetable broth
1/2 onion, sliced
2 cloves garlic, sliced
Pinch chayote or red pepper flakes
To taste, greens, chopped (any combination of chard, kale, broccoli flowers and/or leaves, dandelion greens, mizuna, mustard greens, etc.)
1. Place chicken broth, onion, garlic, and pepper in a saucepan and simmer 5 minutes.
2. Add the greens and simmer gently until they are tender (approx 3 - 5 minutes).
3. Serve hot. 
This is a very easy and yummy way to use greens from the garden. 

Contributed by Karen Peterson.

For more recipe ideas, obtain a copy of our Grow Your Own Cookbook.

Refer-A-Member Campaign

Refer-A-Member & Earn Benefits

Refer-A-Member & Earn Benefits
“I enjoy the community!”
“I like being food self-sufficient!”
“It's a beautiful place to be!”

“I like trying new things.”
“Organic gardening is healthy!”
“Experimenting is fun”

No matter what your reason, refer today!
  1. Forward a friend’s contact information to us or direct them to to inquire and download an application.
  2. Ask your friend to mention that you referred them.
  3. Tell another friend…and another…and another…to earn rewards.

Everyone Benefits!
HCG - Through member growth, HCG can develop new and enhanced programs to support the organic agriculture and food sufficiency as we work toward the ultimate mission of building community around food self-sufficiency.

FRIEND - When your friends join HCG, they will be able to take advantage of all of the benefits of membership including a garden plot, educational resources, and networking opportunities.

YOU - The more of your friends who become members, the more REWARDS
  • Refer 5 friends in a calendar year to receive an HCG T-SHIRT, MUG, OR BAG.
  • Refer 25 friends to receive ONE YEAR FREE MEMBERSHIP.
Contact Hāli’imaile Community Garden at or 415-480-GROW (4769)..


Call for Volunteers
Hali'imaile Community Garden Needs Your Help

Are you interested in volunteering at Hāli’imaile Community Garden?  It is a beautiful place to be and a place where you can really make a difference.  Individuals and groups interested in becoming volunteers should complete a volunteer application and plan to attend an orientation session to receive a tour of the garden and learn about the various opportunities available to volunteers.  For more information and a volunteer application form:

Membership Has Its Benefits
Come Grow With Us

The benefits to gardening in a community setting are that it:
  • Improves The Quality Of Life For People In The Garden,
  • Stimulates Social Interaction,
  • Encourages Self-Reliance,
  • Beautifies Hali’imaile,
  • Produces Nutritious Food,
  • Reduces Family Food Budgets,
  • Conserves Resources,
  • Creates Opportunity For Recreation, Exercise, Therapy, Stewardship, and Education,
  • Reduces Crime,
  • Preserves Green Space,
  • Provides Opportunities For Intergenerational And Cross-Cultural Connections,
  • Increases Environmental Sustainability, and
  • Provides Food For Food Pantries.

Plots are now available for new members interested in gardening with us.  Plots are 10' x 20'.  Membership dues are an affordable $100 per year plus 1 service project per quarter.  For more information, see  To inquire about membership, call 415-480-GROW (4769) or submit a contact for at

Talk To Us
The Garden Council is Listening

The garden council provides active management of the garden and is always available for your questions, concerns, ideas, visions for the garden, and suggestions at  Councilmembers Kevin, Lori, and Volkan all receive and read the incoming mails at this address.  We do our best to respond quickly. 

Support Hali'imaile Community Garden
Make a Tax Deductible Contribution

Mahalo for supporting Hāli’imaile with a tax-deductible contribution,  Hāli’imaile Community Garden is recognized as a tax exempt public charity under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3).  
For donations options:
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Hali'imaile Community Garden is recognized as a tax exempt public charity under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3).

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