July 2015 Newsletter

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Our mission is to build community around food self-sufficiency.


Green Onions Can Be Regrown

Never Buy Onions Again

Green onions are one of the easiest vegetables to regrow. Just cut off the tops about a half inch from the ground and leave the root there to regrow.  Within a week, it will be getting big and two weeks later you can have another harvest of green onions.

If you have onions you bought with roots on them, save the roots and plant them in the ground.  Make sure to keep the soil moist by watering when needed. They will regrow onions. 

Even onions without roots can be placed in a clear glass in a sunny location to root and then planted.

You’ll have a continuous supply of onions and never have to purchase onions at the store again!

312 Pounds Feeds the Hungry in June

Goodwill Garden Supplies Maui Food Bank & Hale Kau Kau

Hāli’imaile Community Garden's Goodwill Garden program donated 312 pounds of fresh produce to partner organizations who feed the hungry in June.  The Maui Food Bank received 207 pounds of fresh produce and Hale Kau Kau enjoyed 105 pounds of fresh greens and herbs for the salads they serve to over 200 hungry and home bound residents with a hot meal each night.

The Goodwill Garden program started in 2013 was the vision of Bill and Pam Schwartau, who also volunteer in the kitchen at Hale Kau Kau preparing and serving meals. 

The Goodwill Garden program has been growing steadily each year.  In 2014, donations went up by 20% over the prior year.  This year donations are targeted to double over 2014.  There are nearly 19,000 residents in our community who struggle with food security and the fresh produce goes a long way to providing better nutrition to those who need it the most. 
Hāli’imaile Community Garden is proud to be part of the solution to the growing hunger crisis and we encourage others to do the same.  Together as a solid community we can eliminate hunger!

Open House Packs the Parking Lot

Great Turnout for Tours and Plants

June's open house was a huge success!  The parking lot was packed with people coming to see the garden and exchange plants.

Tours of the garden were offered and lots of knowledge was exchanged about different plants and tips for preparing them in dishes. 

The plant exchange was very popular and the garden gave away marjoram, papaya, avocado, ice cream bean, and surinam cherry starts.  Emails and texts continue to arrive after the event wanting to know if there are any more plants to share!  The next plant exchange is scheduled for the garden's December open house. 

The potluck featured homemade sourdough bread with goat cheese pesto, Swiss chard pie, and chips/dip among other things.  Guests enjoyed trying different dishes and swapping recipes.

The next open house will be in December.  Stay tuned for details and join us for the fun!

Native Plants

Pōhole, Hō'i'o

Photo courtesy of Allison Borell
Hawaiian Name:  pōhole, hō'i'o
Common Name: Fiddlehead Fern
Botanical Name: Diplazium sandwichianum
Family: Athyriaceae
Status: Endemic
Where Found: All main Hawaiian Islands except Kaho‛olawe and Ni‛ihau
Found as a dominant forest ground cover in mesic to wet forests and in shady valleys. On Maui they call it pōhole and on Hawai'I island they call it hō'i'o. Still today the raw fiddleheads and young fronds are gathered to make a delicious salad.  Look for it at your local grocery store or drug store and mix it with some fresh tomatoes, onion and a vinaigrette dressing for a delicious treat of fern salad!

Garden Humor:  Real Life at HCG

Say What?

If you have ever been a receptionist or worked in a call center, you probably have stories of funny questions and comments received on the job.  Here's a few questions you'll enjoy that the garden often receives that give us a chuckle.

Caller:        What city/town is Hali'imaile Community Garden located in?
Answer:     In Hali'imale, of course!

Caller:        What is your growing season?  When should I plant?
Answer:     We've heard of growing seasons and they sound kind of complex.  Here in Hawaii, since it is warm and sunny all year with no chance of frost, we are blessed with year-round growing and anytime planting.

Caller:        Do you have a one acre plot available?
Answer:     We like the idea of a community 'farm' for smaller farmers who support sustainable, organic agriculture, though as a community garden growing for personal consumption our plots are 200 square feet. The entire property is only 1.4 acres. 

Caller:       Do you have living quarters available for work/trade?
Answer:   We like the idea of organic farming for profit too, though we are a community garden for personal consumption.  Hawaii law prohibit living on agricultural land, though we know some people working to change that.

Photos of the Month

One Huge Rack of Bananas Feeds Multitudes of Gardeners


Call for Volunteers
Hali'imaile Community Garden Needs Your Help

Are you interested in volunteering at Hāli’imaile Community Garden?  It is a beautiful place to be and a place where you can really make a difference.  Individuals and groups interested in becoming volunteers should complete a volunteer application and plan to attend an orientation session to receive a tour of the garden and learn about the various opportunities available to volunteers.  For more information and a volunteer application form:

Membership Has Its Benefits
Come Grow With Us

The benefits to gardening in a community setting are that it:
  • Improves The Quality Of Life For People In The Garden,
  • Stimulates Social Interaction,
  • Encourages Self-Reliance,
  • Beautifies Hali’imaile,
  • Produces Nutritious Food,
  • Reduces Family Food Budgets,
  • Conserves Resources,
  • Creates Opportunity For Recreation, Exercise, Therapy, Stewardship, and Education,
  • Reduces Crime,
  • Preserves Green Space,
  • Provides Opportunities For Intergenerational And Cross-Cultural Connections,
  • Increases Environmental Sustainability, and
  • Provides Food For Food Pantries.

Plots are now available for new members interested in gardening with us.  Plots are 10' x 20'.  Membership dues are an affordable $100 per year plus 1 service project per quarter.  For more information, see  To inquire about membership, call 415-480-GROW (4769) or submit a contact for at

Talk To Us
The Garden Council is Listening

The garden council provides active management of the garden and is always available for your questions, concerns, ideas, visions for the garden, and suggestions at  Councilmembers Kevin, Lori, and Volkan all receive and read the incoming mails at this address.  We do our best to respond quickly. 

Support Hali'imaile Community Garden
Make a Tax Deductible Contribution

Mahalo for supporting Hāli’imaile with a tax-deductible contribution,  Hāli’imaile Community Garden is recognized as a tax exempt public charity under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3).  
For donations options:
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Hali'imaile Community Garden is recognized as a tax exempt public charity under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3).

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